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How to launch a Local Subscription Box Service for Your Small Business

Starting a subscription box service is not as difficult as you think. In fact, as long you have the knowledge and idea, you will be able to launch your business in no time.

If you’re planning to start this kind of business but you don’t know where to start, then keep on reading.

Listed below are tips you need to consider when starting a local subscription box business.

  • Choose Your Niche

Surely, subscription box businesses are booming, but remember, it is only going to work if you offer something that people need regularly or let them try out something different and new. Determine your specialty and then figure out if it will make sense to offer them as part of a subscription box service.

  • Perform Competitor Research

Doing competitor research comes in handy when starting any kind of business. Along the way, you will need to choose product suppliers, but you will notice that not all manufacturers want to work with you willingly. In fact, even fewer will be willing to deal with discounted prices for a new box.

The good news is that your competitors are doing a lot of research for you allowing you to save a considerable amount of time. Contacting the brands of your competitors and even the ones related to your niche will let you enjoy the same advantages of your tough competition without having to negotiate.

But remember that your main goal is to offer improved and unique products. Thus, don’t solely depend on your competitor’s products, instead, use them as your foundation from where you can build your negotiations for exciting and new products and brands.

Honestly, it is not likely that you are coming to market with completely new products. In case you are one of the few that can deliver such products, definitely you deserve applause. What’s more, you might have an easier path ahead of you. Or else, you will be working to enhance the way existing concepts are being offered to the market. Nevertheless, the easiest thing you can do, especially if you want to stand out in the market, is to do better than your competitors.

  • Do Product Supplier Research

When it comes to starting a local subscription box business, some people become excited about the kinds of they will put inside their boxes. But it is not as easy as contacting suppliers and shipping their products.

When choosing the supplier for your products, you will need to devote time and effort to assess their reliability as well as identify whether the costs of products fit your budget or not. If you’re planning to ship thousands or even hundreds of subscription boxes monthly, you need to ensure that your supplier can deliver the needed products on time. For sure, you do not want to end up dealing with internal problems. Remember, they will not be the ones who will receive complaints from customers about missing products or late deliveries.

Additionally, while doing research, you should also negotiate for the best price for every product. At the end of the day, some brands may be willing to offer you their products for free since your subscription box will be used as a new channel of exposure.

But at the very beginning, you will likely be looking at paying between retail and wholesale prices for every item you deliver. This is where your negotiating skills come in handy. Remember, just because you are a new subscription business does not mean you do not need any leverage.

If possible, contact as many brands as you can that offer the same products. And then work harder in order to pick the best value from each.

  • Know Your Customers

Similar to any service or product, you need to figure out who you are marketing toward and then understand what they would want this service or product in the subscription package. Is your customer a fitness enthusiast who is obsessed with workout clothing without the pledge of an acquisition? How much is your target customer willing to spend every month for the subscription? You need to answer these questions if you want to know your customers.

  • Identify Methods Of Fulfillment

After knowing what to send and who you are going to send the boxes to, how do you deliver them to the receivers?

It is worth noting that making trips to the post office and other carriers on a regular basis will not sustain the business for long, particularly as you grow. Fulfillment centers can keep your products and ship them out at a regular interval to your clients. By letting the center handle this task, you can spend more time on other important things that can help you grow your business.

  • Price Your Local Subscription Box

Depending on the price, a local subscription box service can survive or die. Having that said you need to price your subscription box low enough to become competitive. But you have to price it high to gain profit. But aside from that, you will also need to take into account the price of the packing materials, the box itself, shipping, postage, inserts, and platform, and transaction fees. So, make sure to come up with a good pricing strategy if you want to become successful in this industry.


The tips mentioned above will offer you a jumpstart to planning as well as building a local subscription box for your small business. It is all up to you to take what you have learned in this post and expand it to a comprehensive business plan. Keep in mind that you are dignified for success. Make sure to take the drive that this article brought to you and keep on taking the necessary steps in building a successful business

One more thing, constant promotion on various social media platforms may lead to further exposure for your business. You should not also forget to create your own website because you can use it to inform people about your offerings.

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
Sam heads up Cheshire-based PR Fire, an online platform that has already helped over 10,000 businesses to grab widespread media coverage on their news at an extremely accessible price point.

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