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Influencer marketing – The latest business strategy

The word influencer is not a new term for us. Especially, Millenials had started this trend on social media. They were once the commoners and have climbed the popularity ladder by showcasing their skills. And where does this process lead to? The person gets more followers from the rest of the public because of their relatability.

It directed an increase in influencer marketing by the companies over the recent period. The general public favours more social media influencers for the product review than any contemporary actor endorsing the same product. The purchasing method has changed with online shopping. As an avid shopper, I would first examine the item & its online reviews and then make the purchase decision. 

How does an influencer help in the business world?

They are the new marketing strategy every company wants to invest in, and by comparison, it is way cost-effective and efficient because you know your target audience.

A new approach

There was a time when the companies would print the product & its details in a newspaper were enough to bring awareness to the people for purchase. Things have escalated quickly since then. There is no monopoly left in any industry. Every company has competition in some or another way. Then, how would you distinguish yourself from the rest?

Influencer marketing is the answer. It is customer-centric, and you know your target audience already. An influencer might not be a household name, but he/she is the friend that one would love to have. And when a friend like that recommends merchandise you are likely to purchase it without a second thought.  

The return on investment

Influencer marketing is successful when you actually invest in the micro-influencers more than others. They have pretty good control over their niche and the audience. The ROI on this investment is better by a large percentage. So, if your company is investing in the other types of advertisements then stop and give a thought to influencer marketing.

Micro-influencers are impactful. You will get to know your target audience easily and gain an insight into the number of conversion rates. You can reach out to the influencers easily through their official email address. There are great tools available online that can help you to search the contacts easily. is an efficient email address finder that accesses hundreds of emails at the drop of a hat. It also comes with a chrome extension to your Linkedin account so finding the email address of the contacts becomes easy.

Organic visibility creates organic growth

Social media unlike any other media platform is dynamic and ever-changing. One minute you see cat videos going viral and the very next minute you see brand feuds taking the internet by the storm. In the constantly changing world, influencers will help you in reminding people about your product. However, it also depends upon how you are designing your digital campaign.

While posting blogs and investing in paid search is one thing. And, utilizing the impact of the influencer on their followers is another thing. Their consistent posts about your product on their social feeds will help you stay in the game. By doing so you are not only being benefited by ROI and metrics, but you are also creating a long-lasting relationship with the influencers.

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
Sam heads up Cheshire-based PR Fire, an online platform that has already helped over 10,000 businesses to grab widespread media coverage on their news at an extremely accessible price point.

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