Thursday, July 25, 2024 pledges to raise awareness of transparent pricing

Global SaaS platform that provides complete cloud observability, log management, monitoring and data analytics, has doubled down on their commitment to deliver transparent pricing & zero vendor lock-in alongside no data egress – the ELK-based log management system used by IT leaders in the public sector, across companies in the FTSE 500 and by a growing number of innovative start-ups – aims to raise awareness on billing transparency for new customers looking to use cloud-native observability platforms.

The log management platform claims that the market is often unclear for potential customers who want to figure out how much a service will cost on a recurring or annual basis.

The company says that some providers even expect customers to calculate the price themselves, whilst using fine print to detail additional charges.

Vendor lock-in is a key consideration that users often overlook when choosing log management or SIEM providers. Vendor lock-in means that businesses who are unhappy with their chosen solution can’t easily switch to another provider without encountering significant costs. has pledged to not implement such a lock-in. also states that it allows its users to send and receive data as part of its support for no data egress charges. This means it is more cross compatible with other services commonly used alongside log and metrics management.

In addition to the benefits cited above, is one of the few service providers that does not charge additional fees for the processing of metrics. As long as metrics fit within current data allowances then these will be processed alongside the rest of the user’s usual log data.

Kieran Southern, CPO at, said: “As interest from organisations to move to SaaS observability and security platforms increases, transparency relating to billing, egress fees and vendor lock-in is a big concern.

“With transparency built-in, we’re excited to bring to our customers predictable SaaS price plans making it simpler to manage your cloud service costs, with no unexpected data transfer fees or vendor lock-in often associated with other SaaS providers.”


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