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Popular games at online sites

What sets today’s online bingo apart from the original “Housey-Housey” in the 20th century is a variety of different games that we can play today. Most people are familiar with 90 Ball bingo, which is played in the UK’s bingo halls and attracts great numbers of people every year. Online bingo however has become more popular than land-based bingo. If you want to understand what options for playing at there are, keep reading this article, where we present to you some popular games of bingo found at online casinos. 

Deal or No Deal Bingo 

We kick off our list with this popular edition of bingo, where you play to win the jackpot by scoring a full house! Not to say that you won’t be rewarded for 1 or 2 lines, but in the case of a full house, you will have an opportunity to play against the banker by accepting his deal. Accepting the deal will increase your winnings, but if you feel happy with your winnings as they are you can choose No Deal and walk away. Deal or No Deal bingo is available in most online casinos and bingo websites, both in the 90 Ball version and the American 75 Ball one. 

Rainbow Riches bingo 

Another game that is worth mentioning is Rainbow Riches bingo with its many variations. Based on a popular slot of the same name, Rainbow Riches bingo is known for offering a range of mini-games with real cash prizes. Attractive jackpots are also a given with Rainbow Riches bingo games as they often use the Wishing Well Jackpots.

Housey Bingo 

Another title that is well-received and widely available is Housey bingo, which relies on a deck of cards instead of numbers. A “hand” will consist of 5 cards and represent a single ticket, while 5 “hands” will represent a strip. In the game, the caller reveals playing card and suit combinations. If you match a card called to a card in one of your “hands”, mark it off. The first one to match all of their cards wins, so we could say you are playing for a full house! 

Progressive jackpot bingo 

It is hard to pinpoint a definitive title of a progressive jackpot bingo game. Most websites will have their own version of progressive jackpot bingo. The game will generally be similar from website to website. Progressive jackpot bingo is challenging as you compete against many people playing all over the world/country. But the main prize is usually big enough to be life-changing! The biggest win ever was cashed in by John Orchard, who raked in £5.9 million by staking 30p.

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