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Test yourself against the best and spot the cleaning products in these tricky brainteasers

Puzzle-loving Brits must spot the cleaning product in COVID-safe scenes in a set of new challenges from cleaning experts Gtech.

Clutter-conscious viewers have the clock against them as they look to pick out a variety of items in a squeaky clean setting.

How do your skills scrub up? The leading time so far is 45 seconds to solve all five puzzles – scroll down to test yourself against the best.

Where’s the vacuum in the living room?

Vacuum cleaner in the living room

Can you spot the soap bar among the bubbles?

Soap in the suds

Where’s the bottle of bleach in the cluttered utility space?

Bleach in the utility cupboard

Where are the anti-bacterial wipes in the child’s bedroom?

Anti-bacterial wipes in the bedroom

Spot the bottle of hand sanitiser on this messy desk

Hand sanitiser on a desk

A spokesperson for Gtech said: “Having a clean and tidy home has always been a badge of honour and this has understandably picked up the pace since the pandemic began. 

“But cleanliness, and its alter-ego clutter, needn’t be something to bemoan; we’re all partial to a little bit of messiness every now and then. 

“As such, we hope these fun brainteasers provide the perfect break for any house-proud Brit who is looking for a well-deserved break after all their extra COVID cleaning!”

For further insights from the Gtech team, visit the Gtech blog.

Notes to editors 

The brainteasers were created in-house, with the most popular COVID cleaning products chosen as our hidden objects. Record times were also tested in-house.

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About Gtech

Founded in 2012, Gtech is an independent British company which designs and manufactures cordless home and garden appliances such as vacuum cleaners, floor sweepers and electric bikes. Committed to creating the best loved home products possible, Gtech has sold over 22 million products across 19 countries worldwide.

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