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5 Best Credit Card Processing Options for High-Risk Dealers

Any company’s long-term sustainability depends on finding the finest credit card processing provider. The best credit card payment processors for high-risk credit card merchant accounts can help you decrease your payment processing costs while also giving your consumers more payment alternatives, whether you take payments in person or online.

What Is Credit Card Processing?

Credit card processing is the process of transferring funds from a customer’s credit card account (or, in the case of debit card transactions, a bank account) to a merchant’s account to pay for a purchase. For both the merchant and the client, the process is easy and quick; the transaction takes only a few seconds to complete.

The data must travel through the merchant, their processor, the credit card brand’s network, the customer’s bank, and the merchant’s bank, thus the process of moving money is complicated behind the scenes.

Here are the five best credit card processing for high risk merchants for a high-risk business if you’re looking to decrease your payment processing prices and provide your consumers more payment alternatives.

1. CardConnect

CardConnect enables companies of all sizes to accept payments online, in person, or over the phone safely and securely. CardConnect is the gold standard in credit card processing, with easy connections, world-class data security, and excellent customer service. Some of the characteristics of the CardPointe platform are as follows:

  • Transaction management – An easy-to-navigate site for managing transactions of high-risk credit card merchant accounts. Get real-time credit card transaction data and much more.
  • Countertop terminals are pay-as-you-go terminals that accept payments in person. Point-to-point encryption for swipe, dip, and tap transactions.
  • A browser-based point-of-sale system is known as a virtual terminal. You may accept payments using your computer, tablet, or smartphone.
  • For on-the-go companies, there’s a free app and a suitable smartphone.
  • A very safe and flexible eCommerce option for online shops is a hosted payment page.
  • Add-ons and integrations – Easily integrate with your existing shopping carts and accounting software.

CardConnect takes security very seriously so that company owners don’t have to worry about their customers’ data being compromised. During the purchasing process, the patented technology secures data and lowers the risk of a data breach.

2. PaymentCloud

For high-risk enterprises, PaymentCloud is the finest credit card processor. Small business owners want to keep their risks to a minimum. Fraud and data breaches are serious dangers to a company’s brand and bottom line. PaymentCloud provides credit card processing services that reduce risk throughout the transaction.

PaymentCloud is excellent for high-risk enterprises like cigar shops, nutraceutical companies, and tech support companies. Chargebacks and theft are a threat to these businesses. PaymentCloud, on the other hand, knows exactly what it takes to accept credit card payments with the least amount of risk.

  • For high-risk merchants, the best payment processor is
  • ACH and eCheck processing are examples of payment services.
  •  Integrity detection can help you avoid chargebacks.

Process credit card payments over the phone, online, or through a point-of-sale system.

3. National Processing

One of the top payment processing providers for small businesses is National Processing. The budget-conscious business owner will benefit from national processing. It provides simple credit card processing with no monthly minimum volume and straightforward price options. Customers and industry reviewers alike have praised its simple products.

The Clover Station has a lot of features for quick point-of-sale transactions, and it takes the following credit cards:

  • Visa
  •  Mastercard
  • Discover
  • American Express
  • Checks are made electronically.
  • Transactions on the internet

Plans start at $10 a month and include choices for restaurants, shops, and e-commerce stores. Enterprise pricing options with a 0% fee are also available through the credit card processor. You’ll get the best deal regardless of the choice you pick, or National Processing will pay you $500.

4. Fattmerchant

Pay only for what you require and nothing more. Fattmerchant, one of the few credit card processors with flat price schemes, follows this concept. Interchange fees aren’t charged extra by the firm, making it an excellent alternative for high-risk credit card merchant accounts.

Fattmerchant is one of the few small companies credit card processing providers that can match its versatility. Users may swipe, touch, and insert credit cards, as well as make contactless cell phone payments and pay bills online. Small companies may utilize the platform’s virtual terminal to collect payments over the phone or online.

1.     With a mobile card reader, you may accept payments on the move.

2.     Interchange fees are not subject to a markup.

3.     Credit and debit cards can be accepted over the phone, online, or in person.

4.     Ideal for enterprises with several locations.

Fattmerchant also has the following advantages:

  • Business analytics that is integrated
  • Credit card processing on the go
  • API for developers that is easy to use
  • Online shopping carts and checkout pages are linked together.
  • There is no markup on the interbank rate.

Fattmerchant is trusted by over 6,000 businesses to manage in-person and mobile credit card processing. It provides easy and effective solutions for both point-of-sale and e-commerce transactions. Switching to Fattmerchant saves businesses with modest transaction volumes an average of $513 per month.

5. Payment Depot

Payment Depot works with companies of all shapes and sizes. It provides a wide range of solutions, ensuring that businesses have the tools and services they need to take credit card payments in-person and on the go. This features a dozen connections from Magento, Shopify, and Intuit QuickBooks, among others.

  • There are no early termination costs.
  • Membership fees are set at a fixed rate.
  • Provider of high-quality merchant services
  • Interchange rates are available without a markup if you have direct access to them.

Payment Depot offers a team of experienced and courteous employees available to help merchants 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They take the time to understand issues and promptly fix them. On the company’s website, clients may discover other tools, such as a blog with the newest merchant services news.

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