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7 Helpful tips on maintaining laminate flooring

While laminate floors may resemble hardwood floors in appearance, they need not be cleaned in the same manner. The finest approach to clean laminate floors isn’t the same as the strategy you’d use to polish oak planks. Laminate flooring requires extra attention since, unlike hardwood, the surface cannot be restored if stains or damage occur. It’s vital to maintain your flooring and treat them with care to avoid costly replacements. Here’s how to clean laminate floors like an expert, whether you have new laminate flooring or simply want your old ones to appear as wonderful as they did the day they were placed.

1. Read the laminate flooring’s cleaning directions carefully.

Consult the manufacturer’s directions for your floors before you begin cleaning. Based on the materials used, the brand may have special suggestions. On most firms’ websites, there are thorough product manuals and directions on how to clean laminate flooring.

2. Avoid abrasive tools.

Even if you have cheap laminate flooring, it doesn’t mean you don’t have to pay any attention to it thinking it is cheap to replace. Avoid putting anything abrasive on laminate flooring since it can scratch them (steel wool, for example). To sweep up the debris, use a soft-bristle broom or dust mop. If you’re vacuuming, avoid using attachments that don’t include a beater bar or rotating brush since they can scrape the surface.

3. Don’t use a lot of water.

Traditional mopping is not recommended for laminate floors due to the risk of water seeping into the seams and causing damage (like swelling or floor bubbling). Staining or fading can also be caused by pools of water.

4. Mop your laminate floor every two months (carefully).

Mop your laminate flooring every two months to keep them looking new. Microfiber mops (also known as damp mops) are soft enough to use on laminate floors. If you’re going to use a standard mop, simply wring it out until it’s nearly dry.

5. Don’t allow stains to sit on the floor for long periods of time.

Spills should be dealt with as soon as they occur. The best approach to avoid stains is to clean up spills as soon as possible. Liquids can damage laminate floors, so it’s important to keep them as dry as possible.

6. Use only laminate-specific cleaning chemicals.

As a result, oil-based cleaning agents produce streaks and residue, as well as damage the protective sealant of flooring. Instead of using it directly on the floor, use a mop or microfiber cloth and apply it gently. 

7. A welcome mat should always be placed on the ground.

You can ruin your floor by tracking dirt in from the outdoors. One of the worst enemies of your laminate floor is dirt from a dirty shoe bottom. Grit dirties, dulls and can even harm laminate floors. You can stop dirt in its tracks by providing guests with a welcome mat that allows them a chance to wipe off their shoes.

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
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