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9 Effective Tips to Become a Popular Instagram Model

What does it take to become a model on Instagram? That’s a million-dollar question. There are countless things that people will tell you about. But, if you cut all of that down, it all comes down to having a proper plan. Think of this article as a guide with steps for you to follow to become an Instagram model. You can also use these methods to thrive on other platforms as well.

Without further ado, simplifying the trade for you, here are the eight tips that you can use to become famous on Instagram as a fitness model or influencer:

1. Build A Strong Portfolio

Instagram Modelling is all about showing off yourself to the World and those Big Brands looking for fresh faces.

If you aspire to be an Instagram model, you can’t just take a selfie with any random pose and share it on your profile. No one is going to notice you because there are already millions of people who do this every day.

It is vital that you understand the importance of building a strong and eye-catching portfolio. Your portfolio is essentially your gateway into the modelling world, and this is what modelling agencies will see when considering hiring you. Hence, you need to really sell yourself through your portfolio to maximise the chances of getting hired for events and even signing contracts.

2.   Share Your Compelling Story

Almost every model in the world has a compelling story that appeals to followers. To become an Instagram sensation, you need to have yours. Furthermore, it should be related to your journey. For instance, why did you decide to pursue modelling? What aspires you to become an Instagram influencer/model, and so on.

The story will play a vital role in your modelling career. It will significantly impact your growth if it is heartfelt, motivating, or connecting to the people. Some of the best Instagram influencers and models have used this approach and have a great story.

3.   Decide a Specific Field to Focus on

The modelling industry is vast, and becoming a model on Instagram is equally challenging. People often try to do too many things at once and end up going nowhere. Instead, you need to focus on the kind of content you will provide. Focus on a specific field that is related to what you want to achieve.

For example, you can focus on posting various modelling tips or post motivational videos and reels that helps build your profile on Instagram. If you seek to be a model, you need to have appealing reels and images.

4.   Share Content And be Consistent

This brings us to the next point. Once you understand the role you want to, start posting and sharing your content. You need to be consistent and post regularly. It can be something as simple as a modelling pose on your story. But, you need to be relentless and show yourself off.

After all, modelling 101 is all about showing yourself to the world and accumulating more admirers. First, however, you need to find a fine line between sharing too much and too little. As long as you can get one post and story each day, or it is an excellent place to start.

5.   Engage With Your Followers

Ask questions, post interactive content like ratings, polls, and much more – the followers like to be heard. Of course, you would have to toss around some giveaways or shoutouts, as well. Make sure to check the inbox to respond to any messages.

Becoming a mode on Instagram would require you to interact with your followers. So, keep this in mind as you follow ahead. It doesn’t mean that you have to do it all the time. Just pick a specific window each day for different interactions.

6.   Be Easy to Find

Start your journey with a catchy and unique username. It needs to be easy to remember or follow. Similarly, if you post content, it needs to have the correct tags. You might even have to create original tags if you want to stand out.

Becoming easy to find is something many people will struggle with, and you might require a specialist for it, as well. However, as the number of usernames and names gets taken, it becomes increasingly difficult to find your desired name.

But you would have to come up with something unique. For this, you might have to conduct some research before getting what you need.

7.   Hashtags And Promotions

There’s no way you’re getting out of it without having to learn something. First, you need to know to use hashtags that are a primary asset on Instagram. There is no need for you to work on promoting a post immediately, but eventually, you need to be ready to spend some money if you want to earn some back.

Using hashtags and promotions makes it easier for people or big brands to find you.

8.   Learn From Competitors

Learning from your competitors is the best way to thrive on Instagram. Interacting with other Instagram influencers could also work. For example, posting a comment on their posts and so on. It is a sure-fire way to thrive.

You need to learn about their posting patterns, how they interact, hashtags they use, etc.

9.   Get a Specialist

If you think that all of this sounds too much for you, you should get a specialist. For instance, New Idol Models frequently assist aspiring enthusiasts with the right marketing tools and resources. If you’re sincere about becoming a model or influencer on Instagram but can’t spare too much time, you need some expert or specialist to assist you. Some modelling gigs would further help you in the task.


It goes without saying that anything related to ‘modelling’ would require exposing yourself to the crowd. Become an apple of the eye, a sight for sore eyes. As long as you can maintain looks, posing, expressions, and work on these eight tips, you will always thrive.

Remember, growing anything on social media takes dedication and patience. You’d need to spend a couple of months before you can start getting results. But, as long as you can follow these tips, you will undoubtedly become a model on Instagram.

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
Sam heads up Cheshire-based PR Fire, an online platform that has already helped over 10,000 businesses to grab widespread media coverage on their news at an extremely accessible price point.

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