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Best Mortgage Broker in Vancouver

Buying a property is not only the biggest transaction you will ever make, but also a stressful occasion that involves a lot of time and effort. Much of that comes from sorting out the finance needed to buy a home. Property is a great investment and right now mortgages are available at attractive rates, but how do you go about getting the best deal?

Vancouver is a popular place to buy, and there are many financial institutions in and around the city that can help with your finances. However, we want to talk about mortgage brokers, what they do and why they should be your first choice. An example of an outfit that is often called the best mortgage broker Vancouver – Pinsky Mortgages is worth checking out to get a better idea of the services that a typical broker offers. Let’s have a look at what a mortgage broker actually does.

What Does a Mortgage Broker Do?

When you take out a mortgage you are borrowing money to buy a property from a financial institution such as a bank. Until you pay it back – plus interest – the bank effectively owns the property. There are many mortgage providers in and around Vancouver, so what part does the mortgage broker play?

A mortgage broker is not a lender. They do not have money to lend you to buy your home. What they do have is connections with all the different lenders, and expertise in the field. The purpose of a mortgage broker is to find the borrower the best deal for their requirements and personal circumstances. What other benefits come with using a mortgage broker?

What’s the Benefit of Using a Mortgage Broker?

As we said above, the mortgage broker is not a lender. Let’s say you go to a bank and ask them for the best mortgage deals they can offer. They will offer you a product that is in-house, in other words one that is specific to that bank or institution. This is the same with every bank in Vancouver.

Go to a mortgage broker and they are not tied to branded products. They can shop around for you for the right deal at the right rate at that moment. As they are experts in the mortgage market, they will also be up to speed with current interest rates and different mortgage options. There are many different types of mortgage, and the broker will explain the repayment details carefully.

Furthermore, a broker knows all the lenders and can access some avenues that may be specific to the location, for example, so it is strongly recommended you look for a mortgage broker who knows the local market where you intend to purchase your home.

Will a Mortgage Broker Charge for the Service?

Nothing comes for free, and your mortgage broker will charge a fee. This will either be a standing fee or a percentage of the loan. You should chat to mortgage brokers before you choose one to find out what they charge for the service.

However, the fee you pay will be worth it because of the benefits it brings. You get the expertise of the broker who will find you a great deal without you having the stress and strain of searching the markets. You’ll find they have access to deals that the banks do not, and you are assured of a choice of options you will not get with branded offers.

Talk to Vancouver mortgage brokers now and take advantage of their professional service and expert knowledge of the mortgage markets and let them make life easier for you.

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
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