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Earn extra income

Challenging financial situations can lead to stress and depression, which in turn can result in health and social problems, as well as a general sense of dissatisfaction and frustration.

In these circumstances, the only pragmatic solution is to be proactive and try to increase your income to help ease tension and promote a sense of fulfilment.

Whilst money isn’t everything, it of course makes life a lot easier in many respects.

Many people live on low monthly wages and/or fixed salaries, that are perhaps insufficient for managing daily needs and expenses.

This article presents a range of different options for improving your financial status and earning some extra money.

If you know where to look, there are numerous ways to generate extra income.

Let’s have a look into leading options, divided into two main sub-categories:

  • Online methods
  • Offline methods

Online income-generating options

Technological advancement, the growth of the Internet, and even COVID, have introduced lots of options for online earning.

These may be skill-based or without experience, with or without financial outlay.

However, for this approach, you will of course need a computer and a reliable internet connection as a minimum.

Online working has essentially made the world a small global “village”, opening up an endless pool of prospective customers to those who offer a valuable set of products and/or services that answer a need or demand.

E-commerce operators can serve customers anywhere in the world, and irrespective of time difference. This flexibility makes an e-commerce business very easy to fit in between other commitments, whether they be work, family or social.

Below is a list of examples of just some of the ways you could earn extra income online:

  • Home-based online data entry
  • Testing of website and apps
  • Writing app reviews
  • Providing VA (Virtual Assistant) services
  • Creating and monetising your own YouTube channel
  • Monetising of a Twitch channel
  • Selling products online (e.g. re-sell wholesale supplements under your own labels)
  • Becoming a social media influencer
  • Filling in online survey forms from home
  • Providing online writing services
  • Selling your design skills
  • And many more.

Ways of money making offline

While online methods are by far the easiest, if you don’t have a computer and/or reliable internet connection, there are also a number of ways to try to increase your income offline.

You can use your free time to undertake another paid task or job in your community.

Let’s have a look at some potential offline earning options:

  • Sell products on commission (e.g. door to door)
  • Offer babysitting services
  • Provide teaching services in private
  • Become a dog carer / walker
  • Sell old phones and other electronic products
  • Sell gift cards and gift wrappers
  • Provide car rental services
  • Provide delivery services
  • Rent out a room in your house
  • Sell your photography masterpieces
  • Provide plant pruning services in your area
  • Become a taxi driver (e.g. via Uber)
  • Offer house-sitting services
  • Sell cooked food in offices in your area
  • Sell handmade baby dresses (or other clothing)
  • Sell handmade home décor items
  • Provide interior decoration consultancy
  • And many more

The last word on earning extra income

Making money is a necessity. Without it, life can sadly be very difficult.

While there are a number of offline options (as we have seen), online methods are by far the quickest, easiest and most flexible, with the broadest potential customer base.

Luckily, with advancements in technology and the availability of affordable computer equipment, it has never been easier to earn extra income online.

It is now up to you to choose which method suits you most, online or offline, and get started.

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcockhttps://www.abcmoney.co.uk
Sam heads up Cheshire-based PR Fire, an online platform that has already helped over 10,000 businesses to grab widespread media coverage on their news at an extremely accessible price point.

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