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Examples of sites with dice

Examples of sites with dice

How cryptocurrency casinos work

The ability to preserve privacy while playing and the chance to get a good win have contributed to the development of the gaming industry on the Internet, and the inability to trace cryptocurrencies minimizes problems with the authorities.  True, it is not uncommon to go to the site, changing your IP address to the IP of a country where gambling is not prohibited, but now it is not difficult to do this using a VPN or the Tor browser. After some time, dice made of wood and ivory began to be used for the game.  The ancient Greeks believed that the Lydians invented bones when they were forced to flee from hunger in order to occupy themselves with something and be distracted.  The dice game gained particular popularity in the Middle Ages in Europe.  Of course, Bitcoin dice is a relatively new game that has only recently become available to dice enthusiasts.

 For online casinos, the benefits of cryptocurrencies are obvious.  Casinos usually have a reputation for being dishonest, but whether or not this is true, safe and transparent transactions are a boon in terms of “fairness” for the casino.

Fortune jack

Fortune Jack is one of the oldest bitcoin casinos operating since 2014.

Visually, the site impresses with a simple and responsive user interface that highlights all the important information and you don’t have a sense of clutter.  Registration is quick and easy, with a 5 bitcoin welcome package and 250 free spins.  The five bitcoin welcome package is split into four rewards for a minimum deposit of 0.002 BTC, or in other cryptocurrencies that Fortune Jack accepts.

 Fortune Jack accepts:

  • Bitcoin,
  • Litecoin;
  • Ether;
  • Dogecoin;
  • Zcash;
  • Monero;
  • Dash. 

Fortune Jack also has the usual set of gambling, slot machines, and sports.  You can also choose a live dealer and dice.

 Coins are deposited instantly, and withdrawals can take several minutes.  There are no restrictions on account replenishment, however, the minimum for withdrawal is 0.02 BTC.  The Loyal Players Club rewards users who regularly return to this site with, for example, weekly cashback or free spins

Mars Casino

 Compared to some of the other casinos listed above, Mars Casino’s welcome bonus is small.  On your first deposit of up to € 100 euros, you will be given a 100% match bonus, and on your second and third deposits – a 25% bonus.  The total maximum bonus is € 300 and you have 50 free spins.

 Mars Casino has over 100,000 players and 2,000 different games.  There are over 1000 different slots, 50 roulette tables, 105 video poker games and more.

 Mars Casino does not have a mobile version, but there is a website for a mobile version, and it is even better than the desktop one.

Why create passwords with cubes?

Random event generators are needed to solve a variety of problems in the field of computer security: for example, create strong passwords or create secure wallets for cryptocurrency.  We use a huge number of programs that generate random numbers in one way or another.

 Typically, users have to rely on complex algorithms and their software or hardware implementations.  And in the case of DiceKeys, a fairly simple and straightforward generator is literally in your hands.  In other words, if you generate a password for mail with the help of these cubes, no one will be able to find it with a simple brute-force attack.  And you, in turn, will be able to recover the password thanks to the saved roll.

 In some cases, it is critical that such generators are reliable.  In 2013, due to an error in the safe random number generator in the Android operating system, all Bitcoin wallets created in popular mobile applications were vulnerable.  The attackers then managed to brute force to generate the same wallets that ordinary users had and withdraw at least 55 bitcoins from them.

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