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Here’s all you should know about the Murano glass

Murano glass is a Century-old glass originating from Italy and famed for its beauty, elegance, and appearance. The art form has been a part of Venice for one thousand years and counting, and the Venetian glass has a history and beauty it adds to the homes it graces.

Murano Glass comes to life in the hands of a skilled artisan who create a unique and esteemed piece one by one. Owners of Murano Glass pieces can boast of a sense of class and artistic prowess, keying into the age-long Venetian tradition.

Here’s What Makes Murano Glass Special

  • Its Long and Rich History

Murano glassmaking has been a practice since 8th-century Venice and the glass was quick to become one of the major industries in Venice. In 1291, all the glass-producing factories moved to Murano from Venice. 

Murano Glass art has been famous within and outside the Venetian since then. It is loved by noblemen, monarchs, and traders for its lightweight nature, translucent nature, and radiant beauty.

  • Murano Glass Is a definition of Art

Murano glass is recognized as a form of art despite its modest history. Many Murano expert glassmakers have built a reputation because they dared to maintain this art trend in glass and work with several artists across fields. 

Famous names like Barbini, Batovier, Biaconi, Capellin, and Martinuzzi have their names on the Murano Glass hall of fame for their creativity. Rosin, Salviati, Scarpa, Seguso, Toso, Zanetti, and Zecchin also make it to the hall of fame.

  • Authentic Murano Glass Pieces have great value

Venetian glass is not one of the mass-produced glasses we have these days but is an authentic creation of talented glassmakers who made it based on ancient tradition. It is an embodiment of the creator’s talent and soul and radiates the beauty of Venice.

Its monetary value could run into hundreds or thousands of dollars, and it is a luxury glass that isn’t for everyone. Lovers and collectors of this art glass appreciate its sentimental value and care for it from one generation to the next.

Words cannot describe how unique the Venetian glass is.

Having stayed with us for more than a thousand years, it continues to make its mark as a notable part of human history and an important component of world heritage.

If you ever visit Murano Island, you must stop at the Murano glass factory tour visit where you can see expert glassmakers and craftsmen giving you a demonstration of how the glass is made. They will show you the different techniques entailed in producing this glass art. 

You can get an exclusive tour from guides who are fluent in Italian, English, French, and German. They will also show you around the showroom where you can admire every beautiful piece of art.

Visitors to Venice often fall in love once they browse through the galleries and boutiques lining up Murano Island and Venice. 

When you purchase a Murano Glass piece from Original Murano Glass OMG®, the world-best expert in genuine Murano Glass, you have secured a piece of the very heart of Venice that remains as strong and remarkable as a thousand years ago.

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
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