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How Entrepreneurs Can Launch A Super App Like Gojek Clone In The UK?

If you are someone from Asia, you would definitely have been quite aware of the term “Super app.” But in case you belong to some western countries, you would have heard it somewhere but are not familiar with using it. This is the underlying difference between the Asian and European contexts.

To be more precise, these apps are so common in less developed regions than the developed ones. You might wonder what stops western countries from developing such apps? There are several pinning reasons that literally stop them from experimenting with Super apps.

As the old saying goes, “All best things take some time ” now, the UK is looking forward to extending its arms for Super apps. Very soon, this is going to hit the news. I’m sure that you might also be that one enthusiastic entrepreneur with an avid interest in knowing about the potentials of launching a Super app in the UK market. Here is your cup of tea. Go ahead with reading this blog!

What is a Super app?  Let’s dig into their history and evolution.

The coining of the term “ Super apps” dates back to 2010 by Blackberry founder Mike Lazaridis. It was he who first shared the idea of launching a single app that users can access for different purposes and services. Generally, the western market is known for experimenting with new ideologies. It might be pretty shocking for the world that these countries are yet to see their first Super app.

These multi-purpose apps are common in Asian countries. This terminology has gained much attention from the public in recent years. These apps are very simple to use, where people can find different services from a single destination. The major motto of these apps is “ One app for all on-demand services.”

Even though the term was first introduced by Mike Lazaridis, the Asian market was the first one to witness such apps. China is surviving with its Super apps like WeChat, AliPay whereas SouthEast Asia has Grab and Gojek. Almost all Asian countries have their own multi-purpose app. The latest one to add to the list is India. Tata has made an announcement about launching a multi-purpose mobile app in the country.

How to launch a Gojek clone with specifications to attract UK citizens?

Developing a Super app like Gojek targeting the UK market needs a well-executed strategy and planning. However, the development part can be easily executed with the help of white-label super app solutions like the Gojek clone app from Appdupe.

The Business environment and laws prevailing in one country are different from the other one. In the same way, you cannot follow a similar strategy that entrepreneurs followed in Asian countries to the citizens of the UK. This is where you have to change your perspective of business approach.

These Super apps were first launched in underdeveloped countries where the internet facilities are less, but in a developed economy like the UK, the scenario is different. Here, people are quite selective in using mobile apps. For example, recent statistics state that UK youths are confined to using only four apps in a day. This is more than enough for you to understand how choosy they are.

Strategies to follow in developing your Gojek Clone aiming at the UK market

  • As of now, these apps are widely successful in undeveloped countries where people are not much exposed to the internet. When you decide to launch your app, try focussing on areas that are a little away from the urban area.
  • When it comes to the UK and the US, people are much more likely to use fintech apps in large numbers. Apart from that, they might have their own preferences. Start analyzing the potential services that will attract the users.
  • Study the mobile app market to know customer behavior. Identify the age groups of the population to know the target audiences.
  • The technology stacks and end-to-end encryption features should provide a sense of security for the user. Unlike the Asian countries, people over here will never compromise their privacy and safety aspects.
  • The last step is to find a perfect app development company that can assist you with developing a robust application with compelling features.

The Silver lining

We have been discussing the scope for super app development like Gojek targeting the UK market. This topic is brought into the limelight because western countries have not yet received their super app so far. But in recent days, we are grooving to the news stating that PayPal and Square are planning to work out the first of their apps in the US and the UK market.

Even Google is undergoing rigorous partnerships with food and grocery delivery solutions in the US to boost their users. We could see a lot of fintech companies handling several strategies, which give us a feel whether they would become the next big thing in the market. Post-pandemic things have changed rigorously, and this need to occupy the wide market has led entrepreneurs and top brands to try their hands on digital businesses.

What are the mechanisms behind these Super apps?

The renowned apps like Grab and Gojek did not mold their apps with multi-services right from their start. Initially, Gojek was confined to providing taxi-hailing services to people. In later days, the app went on to include various other services like food delivery, payment services, etc. This is how it all starts.

WeChat was once a popular messaging app in China when China was forced to ban Google in 2010. After that, they launched Baidu, their search engine. It was the time, WeChat was blossoming in the market. The app added several aspects and services like ecommerce and payment integration.

Within a few days since its inception, it became a super hit in the country. The current status of this app is that people prefer WeChat to search things on the internet rather than on their search engine. These apps created a strong foundation among the users, and they were all eventually glued up to their services.

These apps were initially started with aiming to provide one particular service to the people. Later on, they facilitated several services through their single app. Moreover, the Chinese population is more used to WeChat or AliPay for payment processes. Wherever they travel within their country, they will stick on to pay via these apps as there are several unbanked populations compared to other countries.

Top-notch on-demand services to include in your Gojek clone app.

Gojek is a leading app, providing various services at a one-stop destination. When planning for a grandeur entry into the European market, replicating this app will add more value to your venture. Some of the important services you can focus on including in your app are,

  • Food ordering
  • Grocery shopping
  • E-commerce services
  • Payment wallets
  • Taxi-hailing
  • Chat app facilities
  • Financial services

For entrepreneurs who are looking to go with one on-demand service like ride-hailing for their startup, it is the best option to choose a taxi app solution like the Uber clone app.

Know your budget to develop a multi-purpose app

While developing an app, it gets influenced by several factors that have a direct impact on the cost. Moreover, these factors decide the cost of developing an app. Even if you opt for a white-label Gojek clone, the same applies here also. Let us see what those factors are.

  • The advanced features
  • The app platform
  • UX/UI design of the app
  • App size
  • Customization level opted
  • Technology stacks involved
  • Location and country of the app development company
  • Additional technical features
  • Bug fixing and testing

Wrapping up,

Over the years, the western market was making news around the corner for not making it to a Super app. Now, we could see a gradual surge among entrepreneurs showing interest in exploring this untouched segment. This opportunity is what we were all waiting for. So, utilize the situation and start building a competitive Super app to shine in the UK.

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
Sam heads up Cheshire-based PR Fire, an online platform that has already helped over 10,000 businesses to grab widespread media coverage on their news at an extremely accessible price point.

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