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How Talkroute Is Simplifying Day-To-Day Business

According to the United States Census Bureau, in August 2021 alone, more than 427,842 new business applications were filed in the US. Many of these new businesses will need a business phone system. Businesses are faced with a range of options when considered a small business phone system. Talkroute, an option for small businesses, may be the right choice. This article will explore how the features and packages offered by Talkroute simplifies day-to-day business.

Who is Talkroute and who are they suited for?

Talkroute is a small business phone system which utilises VoIP to assist small businesses to seem like INC 500 companies. By using Talkroute, users gain a more professional appearance due to the offered second phone number, caller queues, hold music, extensions, auto-attendants, and custom greetings. Users also gain a Talkroute account, which is accompanied by a user ID and password. The user ID and password, which are unique for each user, assists businesses in easier management of the phone lines. 

Talkroute is best for businesses who need a VoIP system with call center abilities. For businesses who have high call volumes, the multi-level auto-attendants, routing, and call stacking capabilities offered by Talkroute will assist in eliminating busy signals, long waiting times, as well as aggravating rerouting. Talkroute would also suit small businesses who need an affordable virtual phone number provider. Talkroute offers virtual phone numbers on all of its packages, ranging from toll-free, vanity, local, to 800 numbers.

What issues does Talkroute address?

Firstly, Talkroute keeps all personal and business calls separate. Their desktop and mobile apps allow users to make outgoing calls and send text messages with their company’s phone number displayed on the caller ID. Secondly, Talkroute offers call stacking which keeps callers in a queue. Callers will listen to hold music or a personalized greeting before a correspondent responds. Thirdly, Talkroute uses existing equipment owned by the business to cut costs. 

Features offered

  • Virtual Phone Numbers. 
  • Business Text Messaging. This allows businesses to send & receive text messages, text-to-email notifications, and more by using their business number. 
  • Business Call Forwarding. This allows businesses to route their calls anywhere.
  • Call Menu – Phone Tree. This allows businesses to create departments and send calls to groups and individuals.
  • Extensions. This allows businesses to create unlimited extensions and send calls to any phone.
  • Virtual Voicemail Service. 
  • Mobile Application. Talkroute offers mobile apps to make outgoing calls, send and receive messages, and manage the business’ voicemail.
  • Live Call Transfer. This allows businesses to transfer calls to any phone, department, or extensions. 
  • Call Stacking. 
  • Call Reporting. This offers businesses the opportunity to gain detailed call paths, easy to use filters and to export their data.

Packages offered

Talkroute offers four packages, namely Basic, Plus, Pro and Enterprise. 

  • The Basic package is $19 per month and offers customer support at all times of the day. The package offers one local or toll-free number, one voicemail box and one account user. 500 SMS and MMS text messages are offered as well as unlimited incoming and outgoing calls. The package also offers unlimited call forwarding and routing, call stacking, custom greetings, as well as desktop, mobile, and web apps for macOS, iOS, Windows, Android, and Linux.
  • The Plus package is $39 per month and includes all Basic features. The package offers two local or toll-free numbers, unlimited text messaging, as well as three account users and voicemail boxes. A customized caller ID name is offered with an auto attendant/IVR call menu. Finally, the package offers single-digit phone extensions, call blast, live call transfer and the ability to configure hours of operation.
  • The Pro package is $59 per month and includes all Plus features. The package offers three local or toll-free numbers, submenus and 10 account users and voicemail boxes. Unlimited multi-digit extensions are offered with company directory and professional voiceover services. Finally, the package offers call recording, scheduled call forwarding and downloadable call analytics.
  • The Enterprise package starts at $99 per month and offers all Pro features. The package offers five local or toll-free numbers with 20 account users and voicemail boxes. A service-level agreement and business associate agreement is included, with an account management system, and custom software and solution integrations.

The bottom line

Talkroute is an affordable, easy-to-use phone system for businesses looking to add a business phone number to their mobile and desktop devices. The phone system offers a range of functionalities to provide professionality to small businesses without the addition of non-essential features. With their well-priced packages, Talkroute has been proven to be a good choice for businesses seeking a phone system to simplify their daily proceedings. 

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcockhttps://www.abcmoney.co.uk
Sam heads up Cheshire-based PR Fire, an online platform that has already helped over 10,000 businesses to grab widespread media coverage on their news at an extremely accessible price point.

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