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How to promote mobile applications through influencers

We cannot deny that applications are essential for many things today. It is something basic that we need every day, many companies are aware of this issue and decided to launch applications to use their services directly from said app or to provide additional services. Applications are essential today and hand in hand, influencers. An application is an “extension” of a site. For example, gambling sites like have their own app.

Any company that wants to grow and generate more income, needs to have its own application. To give you a little idea, according to Statista, it is estimated that global application revenues during the year 2023 could exceed 935,000 million dollars. Combining paid downloads and micropayments integrated into the different applications.

Although, a while ago, marketing campaigns to attract new users relied heavily on banner advertising and classic online ads. Now things have changed and you don’t get as many results as in other times. Currently using influencers to get a greater number of users for your app is the most effective method.

The importance of influencers

Most analysts fully agree that times have changed and influencers are the best way to advertise not just an app. If not also to almost any kind of product.

There are many people who follow known influencers, it is quite normal that that fan wants to wear something that his favorite star recommends. That is why it is so successful, although as we mentioned, it partly depends on what you want to sell.

How to promote an app with influencer marketing? What you need to keep in mind before you start thinking about this is to identify the appropriate format for the promotional segment.

This means that the first thing we must do is be clear about what we want to promote and then the platform that best suits us according to its users. It is not the same to use a platform like YouTube, Twitch or Pinterest.

Once we have this part ready, we can choose a wide variety of options, depending on the influencer in question. But to give you a slight idea we can talk about some of them.

Reviews: influencers review the product in question, talking about the good and bad things about it. Which can review the audience and win a large number of users.

Videos and direct: ideal for those who want to promote mobile games, any influencer can play via streaming or make a video, commenting on the game and having a good time. This way you can convince your followers to try the game.

Many companies are in the business of paying Facebook or Twitch streamers to play a number of hours or days at a launch game. Which not only helps to promote it, but also convinces its followers to try or buy the game in question. This is very effective because one of the most difficult things is convincing people that your product is of quality, especially when it comes to games.

Don’t be afraid of criticism

Once we get the target audience to use our app, it is essential that we investigate the behavior of users, so that we are very clear if the app meets their needs or not. The problem is that if you cannot find a section to submit comments or complaints. It is totally certain that that user will decide to uninstall the app without thinking twice.

Analyze the competition and add new features

Almost hand in hand with the previous point, it is a key factor to analyze what the competition is doing well and try to imitate them. The idea is not to do a copy and paste. If not, take those ideas and improve them by adding new features that are useful and eye-catching.

In this way and thanks to the analysis of the competition, always considering also the constructive criticism of the users. You can, with the passage of time, have a successful application.

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
Sam heads up Cheshire-based PR Fire, an online platform that has already helped over 10,000 businesses to grab widespread media coverage on their news at an extremely accessible price point.

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