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How to Start Forex Trading: A Beginner’s Guide

Forex is the most famous currency exchange that needs no introduction. The trades on this exchange are conducted by the traders who work on the brokerage platform. The difference in the price (quotes) of purchased and sold assets forms the trader’s profit. It is necessary to note that Forex traders can trade not only the currencies of the major countries but also other assets (such as large-cap stocks, precious metals, and cryptocurrency).

Forex rules for beginners

Start by choosing and studying the financial services, which you will use for working with your trading deposit. These can be electronic money or personalized bank cards.

The second stage is learning the exchange terms. This point is very important, as it will help you understand the future lessons, tips, and forecasts. 

Compare the terms learned with the practical examples. Read the articles about the specifics of Forex contracts. Learn as much as possible about the currency pairs and their characteristics. Understand the difference between the “major” and exotic currency pairs.

Make a list of the main trading instruments with their characteristics, options, and possibilities. 

Choose the right broker for currency trading. The main selection criteria should be the company’s reputation (with the traders’ reviews), the size of the commission, the list of exchanges this broker cooperates with, as well as the benefits and free training programs available. The key point is the size of spreads and swaps.

Complete the training program offered by the chosen broker. Draw up a plan with the points that you would like to study. These may include the main terms and their practical meaning, basic Forex trading strategies, and tips for making money on specific schemes (for example, CFD contracts). 

After completing these steps, you can start trading on a demo account. Hone your skills of trading on long and short positions. Practice generating trading signals. Test the automated and manual trading systems.

Calculate how much money you’re ready to invest in the real stock market. Take into account the leverage, which allows you to trade amounts that significantly exceed your deposit. Choose the currency pairs and a strategy, fund your trading account and start playing.

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
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