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If there is one room in the house that we enjoy decorating and even redesign regularly, it is without a doubt the kids’ room. These are the kind of settings where traditional decorating rules can be bent, if not broken. Children’s rooms may be packed with vibrant colours, beautiful wall stickers and patterns in ways that adult bedrooms, living areas, and kitchens just cannot. This ‘decorating flexibility’ adds to the overall enjoyment of the experience of bedroom decorating

Of course, you’ll need to achieve that tricky balance between what’s feasible and what your child desires. Understanding the most recent design trends and ideas for children’s bedrooms makes this a lot easier process. And if you are interested in knowing all those fantastic kid’s bedroom ideas and trends, keep on reading. So, let’s dive into the world of kid’s decorating ideas and trends. 

  1. Study spaces are a must-have nowadays:

If those never-ending lockdowns and online classrooms have taught us anything, it is that every family requires a homework zone/study place for children. Putting one in the kids’ room instead of improvised options like the kitchen countertop or the living room corner is a more practical and helpful decision. This also provides children with their own “place” to concentrate on their studies without being disturbed. To get started, all you need is a corner, a proper workstation, a comfy chair, and a few cabinets to store supplies.

  • Decals and wall stickers are trending:

Wall stickers for kids and decals are an excellent way to brighten the walls of your child’s room, especially if you rent and cannot paint the walls. You may use wall decals to match the overall theme of your kid’s room or simply put one for fun on plain white walls. Allow your youngsters to choose and arrange the decals as they see fit. Decals are the most convenient option since they can be removed and replaced as your child develops and their tastes change.

  • Revamping with loft and bunk beds:

If you haven’t already done so, now is the time to add a loft bed to your child’s room. This is about creating new space in the room as it is about updating the aesthetics and bringing the interior a fresh new appearance. The finest lofts have additional storage choices and room beneath for a study table or play area. The bunk bed is clearly the superior option in a shared children’s bedroom.

  • Space-saving furniture and décor elements:

Several methods exist to optimise space in a tiny child’s room, similar to the loft bed. Begin with the corners and add shelving and cupboards to help hide the clutter. Consider benches with storage, as well as boxes and containers that make organising a breeze. In this sense, modular, wall-mounted cupboards, open shelves, and work desks that disappear while not in use are all excellent options.

  • Different kinds of lights to brighten up the room:

When designing a child’s room, the importance of lighting should never be overlooked. Fairy lights, for instance, provide a peaceful and pleasant atmosphere in the space. They provide both warmth and a serene atmosphere. You may arrange them near the bed or wrap them around the drapes or ceiling if you want to draw attention to the centre of the room. Sleeping beneath fairy lights or simply with the glimmer of a lamp can provide some comfort and consolation for children, particularly those scared of the dark.

  • Decorated ceilings make a huge difference:

Decorated ceilings are one more ingenious way to decorate your kid’s room. Roofs are one of the most underappreciated areas of space. A ceiling frequently left exposed, and unadorned provides a chance to make a drastic impression! Errors on the ceiling will not be as noticeable as those on the floor or walls. To decorate your child’s room, you may hang serenely floating flowers or lights to tie the entire space together. You can also hang chandeliers and dream catchers to enhance the aesthetics of the room.


Children’s rooms are vibrant, imaginative, and, in this day and age, highly fashionable. Decorating a child’s bedroom may also be enjoyable and provide a chance to be imaginative and creative. Whether you’re going for a more creative take on your child’s bedroom or a simpler yet classy appearance, one thing you should keep in mind is to set up an organising system, so the room doesn’t end up appearing like a toy or a storeroom. Use the trends mentioned above next time you are decorating your kids’ room to enhance the overall look of your kid’s room. 

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
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