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SwissAllianceFX Review: Choose Your Suitable Account Type for Online Trading

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Different people can have different preferences and requirements regarding online trading. For instance, the needs and preferences of a novice trader and an experienced trader can be different. Therefore, in order to serve the purposes of different types of people, there should be several options for opening a trading account on a trading platform. SwissAllianceFX is such an incredible brokerage company that understands the requirements of the customers and offers four types of real accounts. Therefore, when you are opening a real trading account at this financial organization, you can choose your suitable account type from four different account types.

Real Account:

A real account or live account provides you the access to trade in the international financial market and make money from the market. Therefore, in order to trade and earn a real profit from the CFD and foreign exchange markets, you must have a real account with real funds. However, SwissAllianceFX does not impose any restraint or charge any fees for opening a real account. This financial provider also takes care of the safety of your funds.

Different Types of Real Accounts:

Considering the different requirements, budgets, and abilities of different traders, SwissAllianceFX offers four different types of real accounts such as- i) Silver, ii) Golden, iii) Platinum, and iv) Premium.

i) Silver: This account type is very much suitable for novice traders who have a small capital to start online trading and want minimal financial risks in the transaction.
ii) Golden: This account type is suitable for those who are not so much experienced but looking for better deals than the silver account.
iii) Platinum: This account type is perfect for experienced traders who want to make a good profit and understand how to manage the risks of online trading.
iv) Premium: This account type is designed particularly for professional traders who have significant market experience and know well how to make money from the market movements.

Islamic Account:

If you are a Muslim and want to follow the principles of Islamic law regarding Riba (interest) and banking activity, you can open an Islamic account at SwissAllianceFX. When you can not trade interest sustaining accounts for religious reasons, you should open this account type to enjoy swap-free or interest-free trading. If you have an Islamic account, you do not have to violate Sharia law or pay any fees. However, you can trade on all the trading instruments with this account and can enjoy the facility of different deposit and withdraw methods and hedge positions like any other accounts.

Open a Real Account at SwissAllianceFX:

Opening a real account is very easy at SwissAllianceFX. First, you have to fill up the registration form, and then, you have to provide proper documents for the verification of identity. Then you should deposit money in the funds of your account so that you can trade in real-time. Therefore, you should open a suitable real account immediately at SwissAllianceFX to experience the thrill of online trading.

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Sam Allcock
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