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The Best Automotive IoT Apps On The Market

The time people spend driving is increasing every year. Only in America in 2019, this number reached 70 billion hours annually. And not only Americans, but people all over the world are also spending plenty of time behind the wheel. So, when keeping these numbers in mind, it was pretty expected that the automotive industry started investing in developing their own smart car apps which will improve the customer experience, but also provide additional value to the product. 

This is why we took a moment and created an overview of some of the most successful connected car apps and dived into all the specifics of custom mobile app development on the automotive market. 

#1 Automatic

This automotive maintenance app synchronizes data with your smartphone and tracks all the important information within the Automatic app. Some of its key features that might interest you are trip logging, fill-up logging, crash alert, vehicle diagnostics, parking and also live vehicle tracking.

If you wish to connect it with a third-party app, there is no issue as it’s a pretty simple and straightforward process. It even provides an API for companies and developers who wish to build their own custom car apps and integrate them with Automatic. 

#2 BMW

This innovative web and mobile IoT solution was designed for BMW dealer showroom services to manage data between dealers, showroom visitors, car owners and employees. The app was created for BMW managers to help them collect and analyze data about customer behavior and provide more simplified access to maintenance services for all the car owners. 

This BMW mobile app collects and stores data from iBeacons, and generates heat maps and showroom visitor statistics. With this app, BMW employees have access to a dashboard showing real-time information. Most importantly, it allows managers to work with each car owner individually, access their visit history and respond to messages. 

#3 Dash

Dash is yet another automotive maintenance app. It connects a hardware device with a smartphone application that provides real-time feedback on the person’s driving, trip logs, vehicle diagnostics access, map with gas stations, and so much more. Similar to other smart automotive apps on the market, this product involves an OBD device you can easily purchase in their app or homepage. 

However, the Dash software can also work with any of your Bluetooth-enabled OBD devices if you don’t wish to unnecessary spend money on another device.  

#4 Zubie

With Zubie, you can track your entire fleet, protect the vehicles you have, and optimize your business. This simple automotive app requires one-step installation and counter system integrations. To its users, it provides impressively easy access to fuel and odometer data. Access to this data also simplifies check-ins and maintenance tracking. 

Their live map and geofences will help its users recover stolen assets and even prevent unauthorized usage. You can even expect tow alerts and a great counter systems intelligence. 


When it comes to FIXD, you will need to buy the FIXD Sensor for your vehicle first. The price on the market is $59, and after the installation, you can quickly convert all of those annoying check engine lights that always occur in the worst moments. So, with FIXD, when that light comes on the next time, all you will need to do is to look into your FIXD app to find out what is the cause and how severe the issue is. 

This app eliminates the fear of seeing the little yellow icon appearing and affecting not only your driving experience but also the plans you had for the day. Also, FIXD delivers information about maintenance needs to its users based on their make and model. So, if you were skeptical about paying those sixty dollars when having all the other apps available for free, keep in mind that this is no regular app. 

#6 Auto Care

To make the most of your car, you will need to be responsible about it. Those who don’t provide their car with a sufficient amount of attention always encounter pretty expensive problems as time goes by. To avoid being in such a situation, you will need Auto Care. This free app helps its users manage their car’s maintenance needs. With Auto Care, you can easily stay on top of your vehicle’s service history. 

The app will send you reminders based on month or distance and you can even chart how much you’ve spent on your car. Another excellent feature of Auto Care is that it works with Dropbox, so you will not have to worry about backing up all your vehicle’s information. 

Looking To Develop Your Own Smart Car App?

If the reason why you were reading this article is to find out how easy it is to develop a smart car app, you’d be happy to hear that the automotive market is hungry for both simplified and complex apps. However, if you’re looking to drag and drop mobile apps, bind them and build apps, you’ll need to focus on no code app development. Such platforms allow you to quickly build mobile apps with your existing data.

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
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