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The best way to convince your boss on ergonomic chairs and standing desks

A PowerPoint (PPT) presentation that correlates ergonomic chairs and standing desks with productivity and ROI is ideal

So, it seems that you want to convince your boss on ergonomic chairs, or for that matter, a complete overhaul of the existing office furniture with ergonomically designed furniture. The good news is that it’s not as difficult as you think. Keeping it simple, what you can do is that you begin by talking about ergonomic desk chairs and standing desks.

Now, why should you start the discussion with ergonomic chairs? Okay, here’s why. When we mention the term ‘office’ the first image that comes to the mind is an executive or a manger sitting in the chair, and fixated on the PC. Did you get it now? Well, if you’re fully convinced that a desk chair is symbolic of a workplace, then it will be easier for you to pitch an ergonomic chair to your boss. 

Ergonomics is all about physical comfort in-sync with the natural body posture and positions. Ultimately, a fit body foments a well-functioning and stress-free mind, which in-turn, fosters productivity. The more productive the workforce is, the higher the guarantee for sustained profitability, and better return-on-investment (ROI). And that’s precisely what ergonomic desk chairs and standing desks assure. That’s also what an employer wants as well.

How should you prepare yourself for the discussion on ergonomic chairs?

Fortunately, the information is also in your reach. You can prepare yourself for a discussion on ergonomic chairs by researching on the internet. You’ll be startled to know that loads of helpful information on ergonomic chairs and standing desks is freely available in the form of research papers, articles, blogs, and infographics.

It’ll be very helpful if you grasp as much as you can, and if that’s tedious, you may even save some referenced information on your laptop. How about a PowerPoint presentation on the physical, mental, and financial benefits of ergonomically crafted office chairs and standing desks? Your presentation slides can be a mix of text, statistics, and infographics, with vivid mentions of the source of information.

And what might play a magical role getting your boss convinced on ergonomic office chairs and standing desks is the endorsement from top CEOs of global brands. Won’t your boss or manager heed the advice and actions of corporate trendsetters such as Tim Cook, CEO of Apple Inc? If you scan the internet, you’ll find more of such examples.

How should a PowerPoint (PPT) presentation on ergonomic chairs look like?  

A PPT presentation on ergonomic chairs and standing desks can begin by an introduction of both the furniture variants. Let’s make it very clear that your boss or manager might already be aware of ergonomic chairs, standing desks, or other office furniture that offers optimum physical comfort. Nevertheless, at times they’re more focused on their company’s top & bottom lines.

Sometimes, employers expect their peers to speak-up about their concerns. Perhaps they’re bound by the hierarchal norms. Any which way, an employee or a group of employees vouching for ergonomic desk chairs and standing desks is a highly appreciable idea.

So, here’s a mini-guide on how a PPT presentation on ergonomic office chairs should look like.

Slide 1>What are ergonomic chairs and standing desks?

The inaugural slide of your presentation can briefly describe the features of ergonomic office chairs and standing desks through texts, pictures, and infographics. Always keep in mind the ‘human-angle’ when putting forth your idea. You may even create two separate columns for ergonomic chairs and standing desks respectively.  

Slide 2> How do ergonomic chairs and standing desks improve posture?

This is inarguably the main objective of going for ergonomic office chairs and standing desks. You may add to your manager’s knowledge that a good posture is a prerequisite to a fit and healthy body. And since ergonomic chairs and standing desks are adjustable and offer excellent lumbar support, they’re good for your back, neck, spine, and shoulders. Here too, the ‘human-angle’ can be stressed upon through texts, pictures, diagrams, and infographics.

Slide 3> How do standing desks and ergonomic chairs help workers physically and psychologically?

An ideal way of designing this slide is by showing a smiling professional who’s using an ergonomic chair or a standing desk. You may justify the inclusion of this picture by saying that a smiling employee is a sign of a mentally rejuvenated employee. And this has been possible due to a healthy and fit body, and straightened backs and necks. In case of standing desks, you may also say that frequent alternations between sitting and standing burn calories and reduce the risk of heart diseases, hypertension, and diabetes.

Now, you can say that a fit workforce means less absenteeism, and medical leaves. And this also means that a company can save a lot of hard-earned bucks on medical bills. The same money can be a part of ‘Retained Earnings’ on the liabilities side of the Balance Sheet. 

Slide 4> How ergonomic chairs and standing desks boost productivity and ROI?

This slide can portray an image of a healthy and smiling workforce with an increasing ROI trajectory as its background. Though it’s self-explanatory, your enthusiastic elaboration on the role of ergonomic chairs and standing desks in increasing productivity and profitability will have a positive impact on your boss’ decision on ergonomic furniture.

Slide 5> What corporate leaders say about ergonomic chairs and standing desks?

The final slide, this should include pictures and quotes of iconic CEOs, such as Tim Cook of Apple Inc., endorsing ergonomic chairs and standing desks. If you work for a publication or a media house, you can show pictures of writers using standing desks. Earnest Hemingway is famed to write at the standing desk.


Well, you can convince your boss or manager on ergonomic chairs through a brief PPT presentation that talks of employee health, and the company’s profitability. Make it simple, precise, and effective.

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
Sam heads up Cheshire-based PR Fire, an online platform that has already helped over 10,000 businesses to grab widespread media coverage on their news at an extremely accessible price point.

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