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Top Tips For Staying Safe When You Play & Deposit Funds Online

In an age where everything is digital, playing online casino games and gambling online is perfectly normal. The UK online gambling industry has grown exponentially throughout the past decade, progressing from strength to strength, but also going through some radical changes all at the same time. Access to online casinos and gambling sites online is incredibly simple; there’s an endless supply of established gambling sites and a stream of new gambling sites waiting in the wings to make their mark in the UK.

A readily growing industry doesn’t come without its problems, however. With access to so many gambling sites each offering bigger and better bonuses, more and more games and promises of “life-changing wins’, it’s no surprise that noy so long ago, the UK Gambling Commission stepped in to help regulate and monitor an otherwise ‘wild west’ internet industry. New reforms have come into play over the past couple of years, with the sole aim of protecting the public from rogue casino sites, unfair casino practises, and the biggest worry of them all: to protect the unassuming punter from irresponsible gambling.

Tips To Gamble Responsibly Online

Leading online gambling sites guide explains how staying safe when gambling online is imperative and has listed some recommended steps that you can follow to make sure that you’re always gambling responsibly:

Set Limits: Use account tools at UK licensed gambling sites to set limits for how much time and money you want to spend. These tools are available in every account at UK casinos and are easy to set up. Simply set your limits and you’ll be able to stop when you reach them, but also receive reminders on how long you’ve been gambling.

Mood: Don’t gamble when you’re upset or stressed, only gamble when you’re in the right frame of mind.

Be Realistic: Don’t depend on “good luck” strategies or cheats (there aren’t any) they don’t increase your chances of winning.

Don’t Gamble Under The Influence: Avoid alcohol and/or other substances while gambling online.

Keep Your Bankroll Within Your Means: Only gamble with money you can afford to lose. Never borrow money to gamble and never spend money intended for other purposes, like food or bills.

Time Outs: Many people take a time out when they’ve hit a losing streak, or they feel that playing online casino games and slots isn’t fun anymore. It’s a good idea to take time out regularly to gain perspective and enjoy other hobbies aside from online gambling.

Gambling Sites Blocking Apps: If you feel that online gambling is getting a bit too much or you’re finding it hard to stay in control, then quit while your ahead. This may be easier said than done for some, which is why certain blocking apps exist. Use a free gambling site blocker app to restrict or limit your access, or join Gamstop, which is a self-exclusion scheme.

Measures To Safely Gamble Online

On top of staying responsible and in control when you gamble online, there are also extra measures recommended to make sure that you’re safe when you sign up and deposit at online gambling sites. It’s recommended that you have the highest device and internet security measures in place to shield your personal and financial details away from prying eyes, but the following steps will also help you keep things safe and secure:

Antivirus Software: Long ago we stopped needing to download any casino clients to our machines; nowadays all casino games, slots, sports betting, and poker can be enjoyed in-browser across all devices. However, it’s still very important to have good anti-virus software installed on your device. This will help protect you from potential viruses and trojans looking to steal your information.

Don’t Be A Victim of a Scam Email: An online casino would never send out an email or SMS asking for your password. Make sure that any emails that you receive are coming from a safe source and from the casino itself.  If in doubt, it’s recommended to ask the casino via their live chat facility. It’s also very unadvisable to click on links in spam emails. No matter how good a casino bonus may seem or how attractive the subject line is, Spam emails are often unreliable and suspicious. The best way to get the greatest casino offers at trusted gambling sites is to use review guides like the aforementioned

Keep Your Information Protected: Keep your passwords and personal details as private as possible. Never give your password to anyone and don’t let anyone else log into your casino account and play. Don’t allow hackers or potential fraudsters to steal your identity and money. Many people use PayPal to deposit and withdraw at online casinos because when using PayPal, no personal or financial details need to be entered onto the casino website – everything is taken care of via the PayPal site itself.

Gamble at Trusted Online Casinos Only: It may sound obvious, but only ever play at recommended UK gambling sites that are licensed and legit. If you’re unsure, you will be able to see a gambling sites’ licensing information clearly in the footer of their homepage. You can also lookup any company that holds a UKGC license on the UK Gambling Commission database if you’re not sure. Never be tempted to play at offshore casinos and gambling sites. Even if their welcome offer is bigger and better, it’s simply not worth the risk as you’re not protected by any regulatory bodies created to help you if anything goes wrong.

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