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Types of Promotions That Attract New Customers

Ever since the first businesses were set up, way back in the distant past, their owners have been looking for ways to attract new customers. Standing out from the crowd is a key concern in any industry, so what types of promotions are best for doing this?

A Sales Discount to Make Products More Attractive

Among the most eye-catching offers are those where a hefty discount has been applied to the normal price. This lets customers see how much something is really worth, and how much they will be saving if they buy it at the discounted price. It is most commonly seen in retail stores, where large discounts can make anything from food to clothes or furniture seem more appealing.

A look at the best September sales in the UK includes names such as Amazon, John Lewis and Argos, with the discounts reaching as high as 70% in some cases. Once some of the biggest names in an industry adopt this approach, pretty much everyone else has to do something similar or else they risk getting left behind and being ignored by customers looking for a bargain.

A Welcome Offer to Get Newcomers Started

We all like to feel welcomed when we sign up to a new company to get some sort of service or product from them. By offering a welcome bonus, the business is showing that the new customer is a valuable member of their community and giving them a chance to get started with something extra.

The online casino industry has some good examples of how this works, with a free spins no deposit offer often used to help new players to give slots games a try without using their own cash. Other types of casino welcome offers include a cash match deal on the first deposit made and a combination of free bonus money with a set of free spins added on.

Free Samples Let People Try Something New

If you want to launch a new product onto the market, there are lots of things that could go wrong and cause it to be a failure. One of the main factors here is if very few people know about your product, as they may not want to take the chance of trying something new. Yet, what if they might love it if given the opportunity?

Free samples let you reach out to people you think will enjoy what you have to offer. According to research by Shopify, this approach can increase sales by as much as 2,000%. Some of the most successful free samples campaigns to date include Glade sending out air freshener with Walmart deliveries and Cheerios taking advantage of Amazon Prime Day to reach a huge group of new customers.

All of these ideas can be extremely useful in helping a business to attract new customers and become profitable. The key is in considering what is likely to work best in the specific industry and then giving it a try, keeping a close eye on the results along the way.

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
Sam heads up Cheshire-based PR Fire, an online platform that has already helped over 10,000 businesses to grab widespread media coverage on their news at an extremely accessible price point.

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