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What Are Transcription Services And Why Does Your Business Need Them?

A long time ago, people used to take down notes during meetings and listen later to get correctly everything discussed. It was a hard task! Afterwards, people responsible, like secretaries, transcribed the notes to confirm items and people involved in the meeting.

Today, many companies use video or audio to record minutes of meetings making the process more efficient and practical. Therefore, there will be no missing minutes during the discussion of a meeting. However, a text version of the audio or video recording was necessary for people who wanted a copy of the meeting results.

Because of that, companies put their trust in transcription operations which eliminated the need for training transcribers. Also, the transcription service allowed secretaries to focus on their tasks more. Therefore, if you need to turn any audio or video file into a text file, you will need the services of a transcriber. Transcription is the process of writing spoken parts of a file on paper.

How transcriptionist work

Transcription is one of the skilled activities that need attention and excellent focus on details. Transcriptionist always works with a tool software that allows playing and pausing of video or audio file for the easy transcription process. The foot pedal also allows the transcriptionist to fast forward and rewind through the file, which is important, especially when some parts are unclear.

Another responsibility of a transcriptionist is time-stamping the typed file copy. This is particularly vital for video transcription since it connects every dialogue piece with the right visual part. The time-stamps are responsible for ensuring the visual and spoken elements of the file are synced together if a translated transcription of a foreign language is applied to the video.

The reason why businesses need transcription service

Video and audio continue to be part of marketing processes since visual marketing is taking roots in business marketing modules. However, few people only notice the importance of transcription operations for multimedia formats.

A combination of transcription and multimedia formats is a great way of reaching a wider audience. Most people use their preferred ways to deal and engage with online audiences and content to gain more market popularity.

Below are some of the importance of having transcription services in your business.

Improves your SEO strategies

If your web page offers videos or podcasts without texts, it will not get higher search rankings. The more valuable the information is on the search engines, the more likely your business will achieve visibility.

Therefore, the importance of having a transcription service. Transcription will offer bots and followers original indexation content that define your business niche.

Provides a variety of content

The best thing about multimedia is that it offers opportunities to reach many people through various senses. Videos offer personalised visual appeal, and audio allows the appeals to do other things like relaxing and listening.

Adding transcription will allow your audience and visitors to read what you are visualising and broadcasting (a preferred way of absorbing knowledge for some people).

It is easier to share transcripts with people on social media than audio. Many followers have no time to listen to audios for the entire show.

Transcription caters for people with hearing problems.

Transcripts ensure that people with hearing difficulties know what you are advertising from your audio content. Therefore, you will send messages to socially conscious people and those unable to hear the audio.

This will increase your content popularity on different social platforms.

Allows you to add several links to texts

You can open more web content for your audience and visitors to explore when links are added to your transcript. You can provide a link leading to your previous topic that relates to the current recording.

Links are important since they will act as guests’ cross-promotion. Creating deep content is one of the key elements of retaining people on your website.

Why do many businesses use transcription operations?

There are a lot of reasons why businesses use transcription operations. For example, when a company needs to translate a video or audio, they must transcribe the parts first.

It can be used for legal purposes. Audio transcriptions are often used for court cases.


Video and audio are some of the best ways of connecting with your followers. However, adding some text comes with multiple advantages. Transcription operations will help your audience and visitors on different levels and help you organise your information over time. Note that your audience consists of people who participate on the internet differently.

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
Sam heads up Cheshire-based PR Fire, an online platform that has already helped over 10,000 businesses to grab widespread media coverage on their news at an extremely accessible price point.

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