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What Windows Are The Best For Ventilation?

Proper house ventilation is more than just a matter of personal preference. A house that is properly ventilated is not only fresher, which can save on air conditioning bills; but it also will result in lower humidity levels, a huge health boon for individuals with respiratory problems. So properly ventilating your house is something worth looking into.

House ventilation comes down to your choice of windows, however, it’s not just a simple matter of adding more windows. The shape, location and style of each window affect how much wind enters your house. So today we’ll take a look at the best types of windows to improve ventilation at your house. So next time you are renovating or hunting for a new house you’ll know what to look for.

Linear Windows

If there’s one huge advantage linear windows offer is their sheer size. Linear windows usually have a minimalist design but a large surface area that allows a lot of wind to enter your house. Linear windows are also rather simple in design which makes them easy to install or make a completely new one on your wall.

So let’s sum up the pros that linear windows bring for ventilation:

  • A wide surface area maximizes the amount of wind that enters your house.
  • They are really easy to add to a renovation.
  • Their minimalist design won’t clash with the existing aesthetics.

Casement Windows

Casement windows might seem antiquated for some, but they are a classic for good reasons. Casement windows also cover a large surface area to improve ventilation, but since they usually have two separate frames the flow of air is improved compared to linear ones. And since these windows usually hinge from the sides they are perfect if you want to install automatic window openers as well. On the other hand, they are more complex to install than linear windows and tend to take up more space when open.

Here are the main pros that casement windows bring up when it comes to ventilation:

  • Their size and double-window setup mean they are almost unbeatable when it comes to airflow.
  • They are perfect for window openers, meaning that there’s no need to manually open and close them every day.
  • They are one of the most common window styles in the market, so you might not need to renovate in the first place.

Awning Windows

Traditionally awning windows are designed to open from a hinge on the top of their frame and remain at an angle even when fully opened. On one hand, the angle does stop some of the wind from coming in, but awning windows have a huge advantage compared to most other windows: They can be left open even when it’s raining or snowing. The angled design not only keeps sunlight out but also protects from precipitation. Meanwhile, other traditional windows will need to be closed in these circumstances, blocking ventilation altogether.

So let’s summarize the ventilation pros of awning windows:

  • They are designed to remain open at all times.
  • They tend to be small and easy to install.
  • They usually are installed in large quantities, making it easy to maximize ventilation.

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