Wednesday, May 25, 2022

    Female engineering leads make up only 3% of Fintechs in the Nordics

    The global average of females in Fintech engineering is 17%, however in Nordic engineering, Fintech recruitment company Storm2, have found in their latest diversity report, that it is far lower at only 11%.

    With a focus on FinTech companies in the Nordics, Storm2 examined the current state of gender diversity in engineering. The report highlights that there is still work to be done and aims to “educate, spark discussion, and inspire change.”

    Angela Ward, VP of Europe at Storm2, said: “The Nordics are world leaders when it comes to gender parity in many areas of society, but this has not filtered through to the FinTech sector. We hope that by sharing our research on why this is still a problem, in even the most progressive of regions, and offering actionable advice on how to turn the dial on the problem, we can create a more diverse, inclusive and more profitable FinTech ecosystem.”

    Storm2 is a specialist FinTech recruitment firm that focuses solely on finding candidates with the skills needed to build and scale a successful FinTech company. 

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