Thursday, May 19, 2022

    Wine Gums and Werther’s Originals rank as the best car snacks

    53% of road users grab goodies for the trip when they head out on a staycation – with sweets and sandwiches named the most popular foods

    Wine Gums and Werther’s Originals are officially the best snacks to take on a road trip, according to new research.

    The classic sweet treats emerged as favourites in a recent survey, with vehicle dealership Macklin Motors inviting Brits to score snacks based on four key criteria: price, messiness, storage, and journey suitably (i.e. travelling well).

    53 per cent of all Brits grab some grub specially for road trips – and most drivers prioritise convenience over taste.

    Wine Gums, for example, were ranked ‘best for storage’, whilst Werther’s were considered the ‘least messy’ of all road snacks.

    SnackSnack score
    Wine Gums105
    Werther’s Originals 103
    Fruit 90
    Haribo Tangfastics90
    Walkers crisps89
    Breakfast bars86
    Jaffa Cakes76
    Carrot sticks 75
    Custard creams60
    KP nuts59
    McVitie’s Chocolate Digestives40
    Dairy Milk36
    Cadbury Buttons32
    Oreo cookies32
    Pitta breads and hummus 26
    Flake 11
    Ice Cream4
    Reason for choice%
    Not messy52 per cent
    Travel well46 per cent
    Easy to store43 per cent
    Easy to prepare in advance33 per cent
    Fill you up/are satiating32 per cent

    As for savoury snacks, UK drivers preferred sandwiches, Pringles, and Walkers crisps.

    When just price was analysed, sandwiches came out on top (27 per cent), followed by healthy treats like fruit (20 per cent) and carrot sticks (18 per cent).

    More than half of respondents (52 per cent) said they would choose a road trip snack that would cause the least mess. Two other important qualities were a snack’s ability to travel well (46 per cent) and simplicity to store (43 per cent)

    Most popular road snacks when considering price
    Road trip snack%
    Sandwiches27 per cent
    Fruit20 per cent
    Carrot sticks18 per cent
    Wine Gums15 per cent
    Walkers crisps14 per cent

    KitKats ranked highest of all the chocolate bars – 10th in the table overall.

    But as a rule, Brits were less likely to take choccy on the road – with the Cadbury Flake considered the worst of all.

    A recent post on Instagram revealed that Flakes are tough to melt – suggesting they’d survive long, hot car journeys. But their texture was still too much of a problem for drivers – with the chocolate bar finishing second-bottom of the snacking pile.

    Ice cream was considered the least suitable snack of all.

    More than half of Brits are still hoping for a staycation at some point in 2021, and a Macklin Motors spokesperson said that having top treats for the journey is a priority for most drivers.

    They commented: “Just like choosing what to pack in your suitcase, the same level of detail goes into selecting the best snacks for the long journey ahead.

    “Finding a practical snack that won’t create a need for a valet after the trip is done is evidently top priority. But it is heart-warming to see that long-serving British favourites Wine Gums and Werther’s Original continue to dominate staycations.

    “It seems the need for nostalgia is very much alive and kicking in 2021, especially after the year we have all had.”

    Visit the Macklin Motors blog for more insights about driving habits and data.

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