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5 Project Ideas for Your CNC Machine

CNC (computer numerically controlled) machines are now becoming much more affordable for the average home user. CNC routers allow you to control the machine using your computer and software. CNC mills take this one step further by allowing you to replace manual tooling with mill bits, so the CNC machine can do anything a CNC router can do.

This newly fangled high precision computer-controlled manufacturing technique are basically electro mechanical devices that have the ability to manipulate various tools with high precision per instruction from a software. CNC routers and CNC mills are a lot of fun to build, operate, and use. CNC shops can do things that would be nearly impossible for a human to do. CNC machines take the drudgery out of machining.

Read on! In this article we will talk about 5 project ideas you can try with a CNC machine.

  1. Customize Weapons

CNC machines can do some pretty amazing things. CNC machine shops are adding CNC milling capabilities to their CNC routers so they can create CNC milled items without having to buy a second machine. These days, you can build or modify almost anything with the right tools, including weapons.

 If you are a licensed gun holder, CNC controlled devices are the perfect solution to customizing your arm piece. CNC routers and CNC mills can craft gun parts out of aluminum, brass, steel, and other metals.

  1. Jewellery

CNC shops use CNC routers to make custom jewelry for an affordable price without sacrificing quality. CNC milling metal is the quickest way to embellish your pieces with  intricate patterns and designs giving them that sophisticated, polished finish. You can make rings, bracelets, pendants, and more. CNC shops can create custom pieces for you or you can design your own pieces with CNC software to get exactly what you want.

  1. Replicas

With CNC machining software, CNC’s are capable of cutting out any shape imaginable. It is perfect for making replicas of any object. CNC shops are capable of creating machined parts that fit cnc aluminum machining to design and produce identical pieces to your heart’s content. CNC shops can make pieces for anything, whether it be a specific watch or vintage ring. CNC machining is the go-to solution for when you need duplicates.

  1. Engraving Items

If you’ve ever seen a couple with matching wedding bands with some sort of inscribed message on them, then you are already looking at CNC technology.  CNC shops are able to engrave the surface of almost anything imaginable.  CNC can work wonders, whether it be a heartfelt message for your loved one or just a symbol that you love.

  1. Toys

The high precision ability of CNC machines can be applied to make toys like yo-yos and kendamas. Most CNC shops that focus on these types of toys are manufacturers, which means they can make them in bulk and sell them for a cheaper price than other retailers. If you want to get your kids something cool and interesting for their birthday, consider visiting a CNC shop for custom pieces.

Take Away

Just about anything can be done with the right shop.  Just remember to check with your supplier in advance in order to work out what is possible. Cnc machining shops have all sorts of different capabilities, so it’s important to find a professional service before getting started.

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