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5 Tips To Find Good Personal Tax Accountant For Your Small Business

There are several factors to consider while operating your own business. If you’re having issues dealing with the paperwork and the finances, you may want to hire an accountant to make sure your company is operating well. But how to select a knowledgeable and skilled accountant? So here are a few tips for choosing a small business accountant.

Can you understand your accountant?

Taxes and accounts may be extremely complicated to comprehend; this is probably why you are employing an accountant in the first place. To generate meaningful results, an accountant must be able to demonstrate and explain his job. It’s your business, and if your accountant can’t explain some parts of the accounts properly, you should choose someone else. If an accountant insists on using complicated gobbledygook and is not clear about what they are doing, it may be time to find someone who is much more straightforward about their work.


Does accountant understand your business?

Every business is unique, and while tax rules usually apply to every business, there are certain aspects that will be unique to your business. You need an accountant who will recognise the costs and the nature of what you do. If they do not, it will be far more difficult to balance the accounts. They don’t need to have in-depth industry expertise, but they should have a basic understanding of your business operations and associated costs.

Can they crunch more than numbers?

Of course, hiring an accountant is about crunching numbers, but they may help you out in more ways than this. For example, they may advise you on any forthcoming tax changes and help you to optimise your expenditure. They should have an eye to discover any potential unwanted expenses that can be saved. Every penny count and a smart accountant will search for methods to help you save money.


Are they qualified?

This may come as a surprise, but there have been plenty of instances when a business has found itself in hot waters because the accountant that they have been employing wasn’t qualified. Always conduct your research and make sure that your accountant is qualified. Hiring a non-qualified accountant or a tax advisor will fall to you since you are the one who is the decision-maker and is responsible for the business. You should search for their regulatory designations and ask them to send you a link to their regulators’ directory. 


How well are they connected?

When it comes to UK accountants, it pays to have one that is connected with various organisations and information centres. This may help your business in a variety of ways. A well-connected accountant can ensure that they have access to the latest knowledge within the sector, or they can quickly obtain additional help if your business expands. This kind of help may help you learn about government financing or be the first to hear about any changes that could impact your business.

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
Sam heads up Cheshire-based PR Fire, an online platform that has already helped over 10,000 businesses to grab widespread media coverage on their news at an extremely accessible price point.

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