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Best University in the UK: Why Newcastle University Ranks on Top

Attending university is still the surest pathway to a higher annual income and more employment opportunities. Moreover, it is how many of tomorrow’s leaders, industry managers, creatives, and business developers forge new connections that continue well into their professional careers.

“There are many options in the UK for continuing your higher education, but none is quite like Newcastle University. This world-class institution has been feeding the international economy with some of the brightest minds ever since its founding in 1834. Between its rich, research-based fields of study and incredible networking opportunities, it is no surprise that many consider it to be the best university in the UK,” says Jonathan Sabarre, Newcastle University’s marketing director.

Newcastle University is a proud member of the top 150 universities in the world, with specific fields being consistently ranked in the UK top 10. An education at this institution is so rewarding because of the student support and the faculty, who are highly accomplished scholars and international experts in their own right.

“When looking for the best university in the UK, you have to consider the global appeal of where you will be located. While the dynamic region of Newcastle is undoubtedly beautiful and enticing to many prospective students, the university focuses on an inclusive strategy,” adds Sabarre. It is frequently cited for global outreach due in part to its international relations foundation. More than 20% of its student body comes from over 115 countries, and the university holds prestigious partnerships with institutions and multinational companies around the globe. This is why Newcastle University frequently ranks high as one of the Times Top 100 Employers.

At locations in Newcastle, Malaysia, and Singapore, students are continually exposed to the next generation of leaders and decision-makers who will take us into the next decade. This creates a unique networking opportunity to develop strong working, personal, and community relationships with their peers, university staff, alumni organizations, and professors.

Newcastle offers a certain level of prestige and reputation to its graduates that goes beyond the research-based education. It is routinely considered the best university in the UK because your degree is just as valuable for the human connections you develop as for the education you receive.

At Newcastle University, students get the rare opportunity to study at the forefront of new discoveries. All the programs are research-intensive, with over 200 undergraduate and 300 postgraduate degrees to choose from in an array of award-winning departments. This historical juggernaut hosts over 65 sports clubs, 160 societies, a rich culture with museums and the arts, and continual reinvestment in the local economy that offers students new opportunities to grow and develop into thought leaders.

Newcastle University is a world-leading institution that uses advanced knowledge and creative solutions to solve global problems. Its agile response to the worldwide pandemic and ability to shift education into the online realm made that abundantly clear. Not only has the university survived this challenging time, but it has thrived, with more engagement from prospective students than ever before thanks to its adaptability.

If you would like to learn more about your future as a student at the best university in the UK, check out the website at Newcastle University has many enriching opportunities for students, academics, and business leaders who are looking to fill in those missing gaps in their company workforce. 

Education is the silver bullet for improving our society, and Newcastle University offers substantial resources for the benefit of the world—a sentiment best represented by their motto: “I look ahead.” Newcastle ranks as the best university in the UK for countless students and should be considered as one of the top choices for anyone continuing their higher education path in the UK and beyond.

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
Sam heads up Cheshire-based PR Fire, an online platform that has already helped over 10,000 businesses to grab widespread media coverage on their news at an extremely accessible price point.

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