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Coworking: The Benefits of Shared Workspaces

Announcement: All over the world, the idea of a collaborative workspace is becoming more and more widespread. Why are coworking spaces are so attractive both for freelancers and startuppers?

A coworking space is an equipped workplace for a group of people to work together. These can be regular offices and conference rooms, as well as large public areas where people can work and communicate with each other. People pay according to the lease terms for their workplace, or space, depending on how they use it. In some cases, people can use the common area free of charge.

In the coworking space, you can often see web developers and other people involved in the IT industry. As well as people from other industries who decided to work outside the office – now the list of coworking residents has expanded significantly.

These include consulting companies, banking, and insurance institutions, the media. Many large firms move customer service departments, innovation departments, and project development staff to the coworking spaces. There are several explanations for the demand and growing popularity of coworking.

Cost and flexible lease terms

The first and main advantage of the coworking surface is its rental price. Prices for the regular offices are very different – it depends on the city, location, the building in which the premises are located, as well as the repair and furniture.

The money for which you can rent, for example, excellent coworking spaces in Dubai, you will not be able to take on lease good regular offices, not only in the center but also in remoted districts. In addition, when using a regular office, you should take into account the costs for cleaning, Internet, and renting additional spaces for utility rooms (wardrobe, bathroom, kitchen area, coffee zone). When calculated all the additional spendings on organizing a comfortable office, the average cost of one employee accommodating in a coworking space is several times lower, whilst the equipment is better.

The flexible rent terms of a workplace are also very attractive: it can be rented for an hour, a day, a week, a month, a year. With a long-term lease, the cost decreases, and one can secure his own place.

Higher productivity, lower distraction

Sometimes it’s not possible for an employee to work remotely from home, and the way to the company office requires a lot of time and money. The coworking spaces have workplaces equipped with computers and Internet, conference rooms, and lounge areas. And the atmosphere itself is conducive to productive work, it disciplines the employee, doesn’t distract him with household chores. The employee concentrates only on work, all household and other issues do not concern him.

Since everyone in the coworking space is busy with their own business, such an efficient activity stimulates you to work. It’s not appropriate to watch various videos or listen to music in the place people came to work hard. When you work in a separate office or at home, this allows you to do anything, including not working at all.

Active networking

It is a great opportunity for startuppers to find themselves among like-minded people and expand their network of acquaintances. You can find business partners, colleagues, and even investors among the coworking residents.

You can communicate with specialists in your field, exchange experience, improve your qualifications and get advice from more experienced professionals. For free. Such communication always takes place at a high ethical, professional level, but at the same time, it is not necessary to enter any kind of business relationship with colleagues and cooperate with them every day.

Professional environment with good design

Almost all centers have conference rooms, which are usually tastefully decorated and contain everything you need for presentations, negotiations, and similar meetings. This is another advantage of the coworking space. There you will always find TV, projector, internet, whiteboard or flipchart, tea, and coffee.

As a rule, many coworking spaces are designed in a modern and functional style that is pleasant to be in and even more so to work in. The nice design of the room and a variety of furniture will dispose and inspire you to new goals and ideas.

Necessary socialization

Most of the coworking space residents are freelancers. The downside of a freelance lifestyle is the lack of a team and communication, and such isolation can cause permanent stress in some workers’ lives. Coworking perfectly solves the issue of freelancers and remote workers socializing. While in a coworking space, it is simply impossible not to communicate with others working in this space. In addition, you can test your idea here and receive feedback or an unexpected solution.

Useful events

Within coworking space, where appropriate premises are provided, the following events can take place:

  • Conferences and lectures are performed according to their structure – performances, communication, breaks, and coffee breaks.
  • Business training and a variety of educational activities are held not only for those who are currently present in the hall but also for those who are hundreds of kilometers away, thanks to the World Wide Web.
  • Service or product presentation, where many startuppers who have ideas, and a desire to implement and develop them, can meet their future partners.
  • All kinds of masterclasses, where the lecturer can share the necessary and useful information with the audience.

Such a modern world phenomenon as coworking is suitable for freelancers and owners of small startups. If an informal atmosphere, expanding the network of acquaintances, and the opportunity to work at any convenient time are important to you, coworking is the best option.

If you’re feeling stagnant in your business, startup, app, blog, or whatever else you’re working on, time in the coworking space might be exactly what you need to get things going smoothly again.

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcockhttps://www.abcmoney.co.uk
Sam heads up Cheshire-based PR Fire, an online platform that has already helped over 10,000 businesses to grab widespread media coverage on their news at an extremely accessible price point.

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