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Disruptive marketplace ‘Add to Cart’ enters the UK e-commerce industry

Independent businesses across the country are set for a post-pandemic boost thanks to a new type of marketplace that’s taking a fresh approach to e-commerce.

In the past, entrepreneurs starting out on their own have had little choice but to engage with the big hitters: Amazon, eBay and similar online marketplaces. But over the years, it’s become apparent that these platforms are not designed with sellers in mind. Instead, they charge high commissions and fees while cornering every market under the sun, leaving independent sellers out in the cold.

Now, all that is set to change thanks to a revolutionary new concept called Add to Cart. The brainchild of Cardiff-based entrepreneur Tej Randeva, the platform evolved out of a desire to help struggling businesses to navigate the pitfalls of COVID-19. Working in the leisure industry, Randeva saw first-hand the impact of the pandemic on livelihoods across the country and wanted to create something that would help companies branch out into the world of ecommerce.

The result is Add to Cart: a seller-focused marketplace that supports entrepreneurs and independent businesses looking to make it big – on their own terms. Unlike existing marketplaces, Add to Cart works alongside sellers’ existing ecommerce platforms, increasing sales while allowing them to retain the autonomy that makes them unique.

“We wanted to build something that would help independent businesses without taking away any of their control,” Randeva explains. “Other big marketplaces hold customers hostage, managing sales without sharing vital customer data with their sellers. But with Add to Cart, you’ve got access to everything, making it easier to foster lasting relationships between customer and brand.”

But while Add to Cart certainly gains points for transparency and ease of use, what really sets it apart is its clever use of expert SEO and marketing techniques. For many entrepreneurs, it can feel impossible to compete with the big names – and their even bigger budgets. But sellers signed up to Add to Cart will benefit from the platform’s back-end marketing expertise, catapulting their products into the spotlight like never before.

“It’s not always easy for independent businesses to master marketing and get good enough to compete with the pros,” Randeva continues. “So we’ve designed a platform that will give their products a much-needed boost, getting them to the top of internet rankings and exposing them to a whole new network of potential customers.”

Add to Cart, then, is all about helping entrepreneurs to reach their true potential without parting with huge amounts of cash – ideal for those just getting started or businesses struggling in the post-pandemic world. In fact, sellers using Randeva’s platform pay just a low ten percent commission on any sales, with no expensive sign-up or subscription fees. Merchants can sign up using the official Add to Cart Shopify app and get started within 10 minutes.

And it’s a formula that looks set to be a winner. At the end of the platform’s trial period, there were already over 100 sellers and more than 80,000 products listed, covering everything from food and drink to clothing, boutique crafts and more. Moving forwards, Randeva hopes to scale up the platform and roll it out across the U.S., Canada, Australia, India and Europe, creating opportunities for entrepreneurs around the world.

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