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easyMarkets expands its offering with TradingView integration

The expansion of online broker easyMarkets benefits continues, following its integration with TradingView that was recently announced by the company. This marks a new beginning for how its users can analyze markets, as they now have access to diverse array of tools on the TradingView platform to help identify trading opportunities.

One of the most popular CFD providers in the market, easyMarkets is the official trading partner of Real Madrid CF and has a track record of upgrading its benefits, including recently launching a µBTC base currency account and upgrading its dealCancellation feature.

TradingView provides access to numerous benefits

Even before the TradingView partnership, easyMarkets was already a strong choice for traders, providing a series of attractive conditions including no slippage on limit orders, tight fixed spreads, negative balance protection, no hidden fees or commissions, as well as a licensed and regulated framework.

Now that traders can access their easyMarkets account via TradingView, they will benefit from access to TradingView’s social trading aspect, where trades, strategies, and ideas are being shared by traders from all around the world. Also, the advanced charting allows for greater customization of charts, given there are numerous tools that can be used to conduct technical analysis.

Financial markets conditions have already started to show signs of weakness, as market breadth and a shift from growth stocks back to tech are suggesting there might be bumps along the way until the global economy gets back to normal. The COVID-19 pandemic has not ended and in fact, many countries are reporting rising new cases, even though vaccination picked up steam over the past few months.

Why traders use easyMarkets

Working with a highly reliable brokerage becomes very important when markets are no longer on a one-way street. Dealing with spikes in volatility and sharp price corrective moves puts pressure on traders, as they need to time the market correctly, while also having the confidence to rely on their strategies, even when uncertainty is elevated.

easyMarkets started as easy-forex back in the early 2000s and since then, it has managed to become a multi-regulated and global trading brand, holding operating licenses with regulators such as CySEC, ASIC, and FSA.

At the same time, traders are able to choose from two proprietary platforms (easyMarkets Web and App), MetaTrader 4, and now even TradingView, adding more choice to traders’ arsenals.

Market challenges looking ahead

As Ohad Golan, CMO at easyMarkets pointed out, the company is “constantly working on new product and service offerings” something that puts customers in a favorable position when they will need to deal with the market challenges waiting ahead.

Stock market valuations are still elevated, inflation picked up steam in countries like the USA, solvency risks can show up in emerging economies, while a poorer-than-expected economic growth can trigger a new wave of asset repricing, prompting central banks and governments to maintain or even come up with new support.

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Sam Allcock
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