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Fraud prevention solutions firm ThreatMark banks $3 million in funding and hires new CEO Daniel Rawlings

Springtide Ventures has supplied the investment – which will be used by the new President to expand ThreatMark’s presence worldwide

Online fraud prevention firm ThreatMark has been granted $3 million in funding from investors as the company prepares to push into international territory with a brand new CEO and President at the wheel.

Daniel Rawlings – a respected tech figure with two decades of experience in executive leadership roles – has been selected to lead the charge, with plans to expand ThreatMark across Europe and North America.

Specialising in advanced online fraud prevention solutions, ThreatMark utilises AI-powered technology that enables corporations in the finance industry to build fortress-like systems.

ThreatMark draws on a variety of advanced defence mechanisms to protect big businesses and their customers – including behaviour profiling and biometrics, real-time transaction risk monitoring/analysis and cybersecurity expertise.

The latest round of company funding is being contributed by Springtide Ventures – a venture capital company that seeks to breathe life into exciting businesses with ambitious visions. 

David Marek from Springtide Ventures commented: “Solving digital fraud is critical for the financial services industry and other online businesses globally.

“ThreatMark is perfectly positioned to lead the market with their advanced solution.”

Marek added that Springtide Ventures would “stand firmly behind” ThreatMark as it prepared for a new chapter with a fresh face in the driver’s seat: Daniel Rawlings.

The President & CEO said it was an “honour to lead such a great company”.

“The increasingly sophisticated nature of modern threats and fraud require innovative solutions like ThreatMark,” Rawlings stated.

“I’m impressed by ThreatMark’s track record of helping customers solve their fraud and compliance challenges.

“I look forward to expanding upon our successes and more globally delivering ThreatMark’s advanced fraud prevention solutions into the market, with an initial emphasis on Europe and North America.”

Michal Tresner, ThreatMark’s co-founder, Chairman of the Board and Chief Product Officer & Head of Solution Strategy, said that Rawlings’ appointment was concluded following an “extensive global talent search”.

“The experience, industry expertise and relationship network that Dan brings to ThreatMark is a big step forward for us,” Tresner stated.

“Now we’re stronger and better equipped to help our customers around the world succeed in preventing digital fraud both today and in the future.”

Kryštof Hilar, ThreatMark’s co-founder and CTO, said that Rawlings’ leadership qualities combined with new investment would enable ThreatMark to achieve their vision of “building an innovative, scalable and high-performance fraud prevention solution that covers a broad variety of online fraud in the rapidly-evolving digital landscape.”

More information on how ThreatMark protects businesses is available online.

About ThreatMark

Founded in 2015, ThreatMark specialises in advanced fraud prevention solutions built on extensive cybersecurity expertise and the latest advancements in AI & Data Analytics.

ThreatMark’s Anti-Fraud Suite is designed to monitor user identities and intentions – combining transaction risk analysis, threat detection, and user behavior profiling capabilities in integrated analytics.

With ThreatMark, firms can enjoy the benefits of enhanced digital protection from even the most sophisticated forms of online fraud.

To learn more about ThreatMark visit:

About Daniel Rawlings

Daniel Rawlings is an executive leader in the software and tech industry – having held a variety of roles at the top level for more than two decades.

In CEO, CRO, and CCO positions, Rawlings has helped businesses to achieve growth and success in rapid timeframes, using his experience in winning culture to help companies reach the levels they are capable of.

Visit Dan Rawlings’ LinkedIn page here:

About Springtide Ventures

Springtide Ventures supports companies with global ambitions in the worlds of IT, cloud infrastructure, cybersecurity and big data – helping firms realise their visions and achieve success.

More than ten Czech and Israeli companies have benefitted from Springtide Ventures investment – with stakes currently in Cognni, PlainID, ThreatMark and others.

Discover more about Springtide Ventures online:

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