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How to be a better CEO, With Mahmoud Khattab

As the CEO of Precision MD, I wanted to share my thoughts on the recent piece from Inc. titled “7 Tips to Being a Better CEO.” The advice provided by the author of the article is extremely valuable with tips I have relied on during my career. The author uses the example of a young college graduate forced prematurely into the role of CEO after the unexpected death of his father. Like the example from the piece, I’ve faced my share of setbacks and have found success through hard work and determination. The following are the top tips recommended and how you can apply the advice across industries.

Big Picture Thinking

The top tip for CEOs is to focus on the “big picture.” Seasoned and newly minted CEOs need to prioritize their thinking. What are the things that impact your business the most? What promises the most significant reward and risk? Instead of concentrating on smaller, inconsequential items, put your energy into the to-do list of items that make the most impact. Ask yourself, who are your clients that matter the most? Does your business rely on repeat customers, or do you see a big client turnover? What are your key sales channels? What products and services bring in the most money? Who are the valued members of your team? What have you done to improve cash flow? Answer these questions to determine the direction you want to take your company.

Ignore the Minor Setbacks

As a CEO, I understand the significance of not wasting time on inconsequential items. Too many times, you devote extraordinary amounts of energy to things that won’t affect the big picture. Any tasks that don’t directly or significantly impact the business must go on the back burner. Every CEO will face multiple disappointments throughout their career. Letting go of the minor setbacks won’t undermine your bottom line. Instead, you’ll have the time and energy to devote to tasks that will help grow your company.

Remind Team of Company Culture

Build your culture from the ground up. Company culture will carve out a clear path for all team members. Solid company culture will be made up of values that all employees know and follow. When a company culture is toxic, you’re undermining your ability to attract talent to the team. With a positive company culture, your employees want to achieve great things because they feel loyalty to the business. You can’t babysit your team round-the-clock. When you create a positive environment, they will excel even when you’re not looking.

Stay in Constant Communication

Make sure your team stays in the know about how you see the present and future of the company. If you’re not sharing your mission, then the staff can’t help you achieve your goals. Talk to them about what inspires you and how your past shapes how you see the company going. The main idea is to get everyone on board and not see their place in the business as a way to earn a paycheck. Keep staff members engaged by sharing inspirational words often.

Retool Plans for the Business Often

Set up a schedule to craft a quarterly review with a plan of action for the company. Stick to a strict schedule to make sure your objectives stay on track. During the quarterly review, define big picture items and how you plan to improve on them. A CEO should have the responsibility of creating a whole business plan of action every three months. Once you gain the confidence to develop the quarterly plan regularly, request versions from each department. You may want to get the copies before creating your plan of action and instill departmental ideas in them.

Accountability Matters

As a CEO, anything that happens at your company must fall on your shoulders. If you feel the values and goals of your company aren’t being upheld, then make the changes needed to get the business back on track. Set an example for others and be your harshest critic. You can’t expect certain behaviors from other staff members when you’re not following the rules. Don’t waste resources on trying to rehabilitate something that isn’t working.

Build a Strong Leadership Team

Mentorship can make a massive difference at your company. Not all new hires come on staff as leaders. Select your leadership team and take them under your wing. Evaluate each person’s strengths and weaknesses to create a well-balanced team. If you see a particular skill set missing among your leaders, look for someone to fill that gap. Don’t be afraid to reassess your leadership team often and shake things up.

About Mahmoud Khattab

Mahmoud Khattab, CEO of Precision MD, has worked in the medical field for more than three decades. His education first began in his native country of Syria before he emigrated to the United States. Precision MD is centrally located in Elk Grove, California. The cosmetic surgery center aims to help every client look and feel their best. Services offered on-site include Botox, laser skin resurfacing, hair transplants, breast implantations, facelifts, and more. As an effective CEO, Mahmoud Khattab knows the importance of putting client needs first

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