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Is the Digital Age Killing Photo Printing Industry?

You might wonder why people still get their photos printed in this day and age. When we’ve all got thousands of digital photos in our phone storage, what’s the point of keeping photo albums in our homes? It’s true that the digital age has taken a certain toll on the photo printing sector, but does that mean the end is nigh for this venerable industry?

We’d argue that the field actually has a bright future – only in a slightly transformed format. There are a number of reasons why photo printing is still relevant, and will even become more so as we progress further into the digital age. This article will explain why.

Tech Innovations are Enhancing Print Quality

More and more of us are learning about the exciting range of print products available today – thanks to the new techniques being used in the industry. Technological advancements and a new generation of innovative companies have made printing fast, simple, and affordable. The major players are concentrating on product innovations that will give them a competitive advantage. And that means the era of expensive, mediocre photo prints has ended – printing companies are using UV-resistant, solvent-free inks and still achieving superb resolution, all at very attractive prices.

Your Best Memories Right at Hand

These days our devices can easily become inundated with substandard photos and memes. And sometimes it’s easy to lose sight of the moments that truly matter. That might explain the ever-increasing demand for custom photo prints – it seems that even after all these years, nothing beats holding a printed photograph in your hands.

And new print technologies mean that people are reproducing their favourite photos on ever more adventurous print foundations: on cushions, blankets, jigsaw puzzles, mugs, acrylic blocks, posters, photo board…the list goes on. Today’s photo printing industry has taken a new approach, helping us keep our most precious memories readily to hand in our living space. And these new printed products also make wonderfully creative personalised gift ideas for our loved ones.

A Contemporary Way to Style Your Home

In today’s world, many of us are spending more time at home than ever before. That’s led to a wave of home improvements – from adding a couple of new features to large-scale renovation. And thankfully, today’s photo printing industry offers us plenty of affordable contemporary solutions to style our homes in a modern way. State-of-the-art products like metal prints, for example, are perfectly suited to a modern design scheme.

A metal print sees your photo reproduced on an aluminium composite panel – created by enclosing a polyethylene core between a pair of slim aluminium sheets. The great advantage of metal prints is their incredible durability – you can expect them to last a lifetime. And all that for incredibly wallet-friendly prices. What’s more, companies like offer a special UV-protective layer as standard – so your wall art can be displayed in a room with a lot of natural light without any issues. With their versatile aesthetic, metal prints can either add warmth to a space or help create a refined professional atmosphere. They work well with a range of decor schemes: mid-century modern, industrial and many more.

Which Provider Should You Trust with your Photo Printing?

With plenty of online printing services available, it’s never been easier to order a customised photo print – all you need to do is to choose an online provider, upload your pictures to their website, complete your order and wait for your prints to arrive. However, competition is fierce and quality varies, so it’s worth doing some basic research first.

If you want a top-rated and dependable service in the UK, we highly recommend They offer a wide variety of personalised wall art and lifestyle items, such as canvas prints, photo board prints, photo mugs, photo cushions, and much more. Their signature canvas prints start from just £6 –backed up by a best-price guarantee for the UK. 


All in all, we’d argue that our digital world isn’t killing the photo printing industry. On the contrary, it’s forged innovation in all areas of our lives – including transformations in the photo printing industry. New print technologies mean we can get our photos printed in new, creative ways, whether as home decor or personalised gifts. And best of all, they’ve brought a low-price revolution that’s made high-quality photo printing affordable for almost everyone.

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
Sam heads up Cheshire-based PR Fire, an online platform that has already helped over 10,000 businesses to grab widespread media coverage on their news at an extremely accessible price point.

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