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Linkbox Pro tool review

Monitoring external links is a crucial element for promoting the site. As the number of backlinks as well as the number of sites promoted increases, it’s becoming more difficult to monitor backlinks manually.

Link Box fully solves this problem.

Basic features

This tool lets you manage all external links of projects that have been gathered all in one place. SEO experts can automate their work through a user-friendly interface. Besides, linkbox.pro built-in modules permitting you to:

  • indexer tool;
  • backlink anchor text checker.
  • backlink monitor;
  • backlinks checker tool;
  • bulk google index checker tool;

You can check the backlinks

SEO and budget optimization need regular tracking of backlinks. Linkbox Pro offers details on the following:

  • Information about the dofollow and the nofollow link attributes
  • Links on donor pages
  • The anchors of all backlinks on the pages.
  • These links were deleted after they were made.

Links into Linkbox are imported:

  • By using the Ahrefs or Google Console crawler module, etc.
  • In previously-created campaigns

All details about domains as well as backlinks are available in the table and graph. You can filter the table in order to look at your backlinks.

backlink management software

Checking backlink indexing

Linkbox can be used to carry out massive checks of the Google index for external links. This module can:

  • You can track their presence on the index by setting up regular monitoring.
  • You can easily check the indexing

If the link falls out of the Google index when it does, the SEO specialist will receive an alert so that he/she is able to take timely measures to ensure that the page accepting the link hasn’t lost its ranking within the search engines. linkbox.pro lets you manage backlink indexing across all projects and campaigns simultaneously.

The table displays the date and results of the Google indexing check. The status is highlighted by colors.

  • red – not in index;
  • Green – Index;
  • Gray – No check was conducted.

A specific filter lets you choose links that aren’t yet indexed, and then send them for indexing via Google Add URL.

backlink index checker

Indexing backlinks

Do not just wait for Google robots to index your links. You need to take initiative. With Linkbox the possibility of sending many pages that are not indexed for indexing by Google indexer in a click. Googlebot will be able to browse your page once you have sent it to Linkbox Pro. However, it depends on the quality of the content, whether it will index it or not.

This helps to index backlinks faster and the fastest possible results.

backlink management software

Linkbox.pro Modules

There are many modules built in this service:

Anchor texts analysis

Linkbox lets you examine anchors within backlink checkouts. This will let you:

  • Anchor text for Backlinks
  • Anchors and attributes for links
  • Indexing and presence of pages with anchors that are on the Google Console

All results are presented in a table of anchors which forms the basis of the module. Near every anchor is the following info:

  • indexing data (when the external links were added to the index, and the time they went out);
  • donor and acceptor page URLs;
  • the name of the campaign with the donor page;.
  • information about crawlers intersection;
  • Attributes and Backlink Type

Filters allow you to choose data from:

  • attributes (dofollow, nofollow, ugc, sponsored, etc. ;
  • a match on the data of the crawlers. Use the Exclude filter to find anchors that aren’t present in crawlers.
  • Backlink type
  • The indexing status
  • Campaign name

Donor data could comprise:

  • exported into Excel format to further analyze;
  • sent for indexing.

This allows you to index specific links on a specific page or anchor list. The graph also displays the consistency and naturalness of the links profiles.

backlink management software

Analyzing crawlers

This module allows you to upload backlink lists from various services (Google Console, Ahrefs, SEMRush, Majestic) to Linkbox Pro. You can upload separate files via Ahrefs or Console. The rest of the data is transferred to Temporary.

The module lets you search that can be filtered by:

  • Links from any link-campaign can be crossed by crawlers
  • Different crawlers
  • link status (newly created, active, or historical).
  • a combination of the search query with the URL of the links (for example, you can select all YouTube backlinks);

On the bottom of the module is a table of backlinks that provide information about:

  • addition date.
  • campaigns with which they intersect;
  • crawlers in which the link is found;

The crawler module in Link Box lets you analyze which of your links Google knows about (by crossing with GSC) as well as which your competitors know about (by crossing with Ahrefs).

backlinks monitor tool

Planner for checkouts

Linkbox Pro lets you automatize the backlink management software. It is possible to do this in the task planner section.

Start by choosing between tier1 or tier2 levels of campaigns. This tab lists all projects that are broken down into campaigns. The auto-checking of links is on the left side, while the indexing auto-check is located on the right.

Checkout can be quickly begun by selecting the desired beginning date in advance. You can also check your account on a weekly basis for instance.

After the module has been installed, the program will carry out the tests at the set intervals and will send you an email notification about any problems.

Free Report module

Link Box forms reports once links have been indexed and checked. The initial report contains full information about all parameters. The information in follow-up reports only reflects modifications between two check-outs.

You can filter reports using:

  • Set objectives to check (links as well as index status).
  • link campaign;
  • URL for the donor page
  • Project
  • Link Level 1 or 2

The tags for changes are the most basic block. They are used to indicate the importance of the pages to which the changes should be applied. They are classified by their importance and highlighted using colors.

  • green – minor changes that can provide valuable information.
  • orange – Non-critical errors that also require your pay attention to
  • Red – These are major changes that require a special focus and must be dealt with quickly.

To search for tags, it is necessary to click them to highlight all the pages for which the tag can be applied. All links will show up in a table with columns:

  • The one on the right contains the changes made to the link pages.
  • the left column shows the donor’s website URL, the link campaign, as well as the project’s name;

Linkbox continuously keeps an eye on the external links you have and their indexing. It tracks all changes that have occurred.

The tool helps to collect all links from donors in a single database and maintain a record of the links. Linkbox.pro is an advanced instrument for managing backlinks, which, in the hands of a skilled expert, can greatly speed up the marketing of your website to the top rankings and also save your budget.

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcockhttps://www.abcmoney.co.uk
Sam heads up Cheshire-based PR Fire, an online platform that has already helped over 10,000 businesses to grab widespread media coverage on their news at an extremely accessible price point.

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