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Why You Need Video to Revitalise Your Hiring Process

Your approach to hiring will inevitably define your organisation. Bringing in the right talent will take your business from strength to strength, while weak or ineffective hires cost you money, waste your time and diminish your resources.

Care and attention at every stage of the hiring process are essential in making your company an attractive place to work for prospective employees. But, an imbalance in your hiring process could mean you attract ill-fitting candidates, leading you to hire the wrong people and affect your company culture. 

So how can you avoid the pitfalls of hiring? Video may be the answer.

Why Is an Effective Hiring Process So Important?

When more top performers are leaving established companies for greener pastures, a faultless hiring process is essential. Finding people who will fit into your organisation while bringing something new to the table is no mean feat, especially if you have experienced employees handing in their notice during a turbulent period for businesses.

An effective, well-established hiring process has several benefits:

  • Achieve Faster Growth — Gaining a competitive advantage over your closest rivals will help you establish dominance in your sector. If you neglect the hiring process, you’ll likely run aground when it’s time to expand. This can put the brakes on your company’s growth, but efficient hiring allows you to surpass the competition with ease.
  • Ensure Minimal Disruption — Keep capacity issues at bay by acquiring new talent as and when required. A refined hiring process will allow you to quickly fill gaps within your teams when employees leave or when a department is ready to expand. This ensures that everything keeps running as it should, even with personnel changes.
  • Reduce the Costs of Hiring — By investing in your hiring process, you’re reducing the cost of hiring over time and within your business as a whole. Establishing an effective hiring process early on will make your company more alluring to potential future employees, reducing the cost of hiring when it’s time to expand and making the best use of the talent you already have.

Since the efficient acquisition of new talent is so beneficial, it’s crucial to optimise your hiring process. So how can you make the most of it?

Using Video as Part of the Hiring Process

Video can help you communicate complex or nuanced information more effectively than text-based communications. The written word is better suited to relaying specifics like salary information, whereas videos provide greater depth, allowing you to describe your company in detail. This gives your potential hires an accurate representation of what working at your organisation would be like, allowing you to tell your unique story confidently, creatively, and compellingly.

It’s been proven that video outperforms other communications in terms of engagement, making hiring processes that incorporate highly visual aspects a lot more enticing than those without such components. So how should you use video in your hiring process?

How to Use Video In the Hiring Process

Creating videos for hiring can spread your message far and wide without duplicating communications in interviews, allowing you to streamline the process of hiring and acquire new talent efficiently. Videos don’t need to be long; they just need to relay important information about your business and “sell” the employee experience.

Here’s how video can benefit the entire process:

  1. Attract the Right Talent

Reaching skilled, like-minded individuals is key. Talented people with options will weigh up whether or not your position is worth applying for, so you need to go the extra mile to show potential hires that your company is the perfect fit. A short, branded video about your company’s mission, including examples of your previous work, will go a long way in attracting the kind of people you want on board.

  1. Recruit the Right People

Once candidates have read your job description, watched your hiring video, researched your company and applied for the open position, you’ll be ready to interview them (if they seem like a good match). Video interviews are commonplace now, but you should ensure they go off without a hitch. They’re still a great way to find out more about your candidates without the need for travel.

  1. Make Onboarding Excellent

Now that you’ve done the hard work and secured an amazing hire, make sure they feel welcome at your company. Videos can be useful in this process, so why not create a short introduction video to your various departments and teams — introducing a few friendly faces along the way — to help new employees get settled in their roles. This will also help recent hires feel more comfortable about approaching their new colleagues.

Improving Internal Communications with Video

There’s no reason to stop there if you’ve used video as part of your hiring process.

Asynchronous communications shouldn’t be limited to text-based messaging and voice memos, as videos can significantly enhance employee engagement. The right kind of video content can help new people get to grips with their role quickly, build relationships with their colleagues and enjoy a welcoming atmosphere when they start working for your organisation.

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
Sam heads up Cheshire-based PR Fire, an online platform that has already helped over 10,000 businesses to grab widespread media coverage on their news at an extremely accessible price point.

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