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Your Top FAQs on Air Conditioning Now Answered: Cost, Installation Time, and More

Most people already know how beneficial an air conditioning system can be, especially in the heat of the summer when we have to contend with temperatures of up to 35 degrees. The truth of the matter is that air conditioning is already a given in many homes and commercial structures. If you’re contemplating installing one, it would be a wise decision indeed. But as a home and property owner, you are more than likely to have a few questions about the worthiness of an air conditioning system for your property. So what should you know about air conditioning systems and their merits? How about the cost, the installation time, and more? Here are the answers to your top FAQs on air conditioning.

How much does it cost?

If you go for a portable unit, which is the smallest and least powerful kind of AC system, it can cost about £250, and you don’t have to worry about installation expenses because you can move it around your home. But if you go for a split-type system (which is often the preferred choice of many property owners), it can cost upwards of £300 for the actual unit, not including the installation fee. Multiple split systems can cost about £1500 in installation for each room, and if you choose to have a VRF (variable refrigerant flow) system, it can cost around £2000 for each room.

How much does installation cost?

For an entire split-type system for your home, the cost could be around a thousand to a thousand five hundred for every room. So if you have five rooms in your home, for example, the installation cost could be from £5000 to £7500.

How much is the cost of operations?

This is another big question from those interested in installing an AC system: how much does it cost for me to run it? The quick answer to this is it will depend on your unit’s output. An AC system makes use of electricity to run the refrigerant, which produces cool air. The AC’s power to cool is more significant than its electricity consumption, so if you have an AC system with 6kW, it may use only about 2kWh of energy or electricity, which comes to around 30 pence per hour.

 How long is the installation time?

If you are choosing a smaller domestic system, you can have it installed in just a day. Still, it will also depend on your property’s complexity and the route of the pipes, as reputable installers of air conditioning in Surrey like Sub-Cool FM affirm.

Where can I place outdoor components or units?

As you may already know, split AC systems will have an outdoor component or unit, so you will have to find an appropriate spot where you can have it installed. Keep in mind that the component will make some noise, and apart from this, it will produce heat, so it’s best not to place it near a door or window or any area where it can impact the comfort of anyone nearby.

Remember as well that AC units will come with a maximum length of pipes between the unit indoors and the one outdoors, and if you have more than a single unit indoors, you also have to consider the length of the pipes of all the units indoors.

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
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