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    How Can Plastic Surgery Help You?

    Plastic surgery is mainly done to improve your appearance. While the main reason for the surgery is to enhance appearance, it may also have some health benefits.

    Most plastic surgeons focus on reconstructive procedures to help people with injuries, birth disorders, burns, or illnesses.

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    This article will talk about plastic surgery and how you can benefit from it.

    Plastic Surgery

    As discussed before, plastic surgeries are constructive and mainly carried out to correct abnormalities caused by trauma, aging, defects, and diseases. The primary goal is improving body function.

    Many confuse this with cosmetic surgery, which is done to improve the aesthetic appearance instead.

    Ideal Candidate For Plastic Surgery

    Generally, two types of patients need reconstructive surgery:

    • People with congenital anomalies, including hand deformities and cleft lip
    • People with developmental disabilities due to infection, aging, accident, or disease

    Common Types Of Plastic Surgery

    Some common procedures include:

    • Hair replacement
    • Nose reshaping
    • Nasal surgery
    • Reshaping the ear
    • Eyelid lift
    • Facelift
    • Forehead lift


    Let’s first go through the health benefits:

    • Improves vision: Drooping eyelids due to muscle loosening in old age may hinder one’s vision. In such cases, plastic surgery can help lift eyelids and improve vision.
    • Makes breathing easier: Some surgeries help ease  problems  such as snoring and breathing difficulty.
    • Helps control weight: Procedures such as liposuction and tummy tucks help you lose additional weight. This may motivate you to maintain a proper diet and include exercise in your routine to regain those excess pounds. Losing weight also reduces the risk of metabolic disorders, including diabetes. Moreover, it may also help you look slimmer, improving your overall look.
    • Gives healthy-looking skin: A skin graft helps if you have scars from burns or wounds. This surgery replaces the scar with healthy skin from an unaffected area.

    Other Benefits

    • Improves self-esteem
    • Enhances public image
    • Promotes a positive mind frame

    Clearly, reconstructive surgery offers not only health improvement but also psychological benefits.

    Preparing For Plastic Surgery

    Precautions and preparations will depend on the surgery and the type of anesthesia that will be used.

    You may discuss the following with your surgeon:

    • Medicines you are taking and if you need to stop some of them before and after the procedure
    • The duration for which you need to stop eating and drinking before and/or after the procedure
    • Don’t wear contact lenses on the day of the procedure
    • Don’t use makeup on the day of surgery
    • You can enquire about dentures or any other prosthetic device you may using
    • You won’t be able to drive after the procedure. So make sure you have someone to drive you back

    Final Thoughts

    Plastic surgery can help improve your health and also offer psychological benefits. But before making any decision, clear all your doubts and discuss any concerns you may have with your surgeon.

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