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10 Tips to Extend the Life of Your ATV, UTV and DIRT BIKE PARTS

For any sportsman, ATVs, UTVs, and Dirt Bikes are a major investment. As with your automobile, home, or anything else you spend a significant amount of money on, you want it to endure as long as possible. You must attend to these matters and occasionally roll up your sleeves and get to work. Spending a little time in the garage on your ATV may save you hours of aggravation in the backcountry. And it’s not difficult since manufacturers continue to make machines easier to operate on and with higher-quality components and materials.

Additionally, manufacturers are strengthening their warranties, such as Kawasaki’s three-year “Kawasaki Strong” warranty. Numerous tasks that you will need to perform as an owner are detailed in your owner’s handbook. If you wish to go further, your dealer can provide you with a comprehensive service manual – the same document that your dealer’s mechanics use when they operate on the machines. If necessary, your dealer’s service staff can also assist you with maintenance-related inquiries.


Routine maintenance may appear to be a hassle, and you’re probably looking forward to spending more time on the trails and less time working on your four-wheeler. However, like with any vehicle (and investment), regular maintenance is required to maintain it in good shape.

Regular maintenance will ensure that your four-wheeler remains reliable for years. Maintaining your equipment regularly helps keep you safe when out on the trails. Additionally, it will save you considerable time and money.

The last thing you want is for your UTV, ATV or Dirt Bike to break down when you’re out in the wilderness. Additionally, with routine maintenance, you may avoid paying for UTV Parts, ATV Parts, and Dirt Bike Parts repair. Therefore, adhere to your service plan, schedule routine inspections with an ATV/UTV specialist, and apply these recommendations to ensure that you get the most out of your UTV/ATV, and Dirt Bike for many years to come.

●    Attend to Minor Repairs

Incorrectly functioning components can wreak havoc on your machine. When you hear or feel something unusual, seek medical attention. A little issue might quickly escalate into a large one. Whether it’s a routine maintenance issue or slight damage to a component, take care of the little things before they become huge problems!

●    Verify that your radiator cap is in good working order

The radiator cap is what regulates the temperature of the coolant in your UTV, ATV, and Dirt Bike. The cap enables the radiator to draw in additional fluid as needed. When your radiator cap develops cracks or breaks, it loses its capacity to regulate the pressure, making it difficult, if not impossible, to maintain an adequate flow of coolant to your engine.

●    Oil Change/Inspection

Would you purchase a fresh new track and then neglect to inspect or replace the oil? Of course not. That is not something you would do in an old beater you purchased to lug firewood around a hunting camp. While the gas propels the ATV, the oil keeps it going. Checking and changing the oil on ATVs and UTVs is much easier than it is on a vehicle or truck. The required oil weight and type are specified in the owner’s manual. The tiny engines on ATVs are significantly more susceptible to changes in oil weight than the ones in your truck.

It also won’t cost you a fortune, as your ATV’s engine just requires a couple of quarts of oil at most. Purchase a couple of additional quarts of oil to keep on hand in case it runs out. As with the engine oil in your truck, the oil in your ATV’s engine traps all the dirt and crud that accumulates after driving you down the path. You’re not going to keep that in there, are you? Obviously not.

●    Replace or Clean the Air Filter

Your motorbike, ATV, or ATVs engine must breathe. Fuel must also combine with air to burn, which means your vehicle’s engine needs a clear passage for air to enter. Keep your engine’s air filters clean. Depending on your vehicle’s demands, you may occasionally need to clean and reuse the air filter or replace it entirely, but this is a necessary part of basic engine maintenance.

●    Keep your engine in good condition.

The engine is the most critical component of your dirt bike since it powers all of the motorcycles, and if you maintain it properly and effectively, you will not only extend its life but also ensure that your engine continues to function well after a few years. Oil replacement is required at least every six months or 3000 miles of riding since the oil helps keep the engine cool, seals the pistons, and, of course, extends the engine’s life.

●    Warm up the engine before riding

The simplest thing that a lot of people overlook and ignore is the engine heating before riding. Engine heating should last about 5 to 10 minutes, and this simple operation will give you a lot of engine life. At the same time, if you do not heat the engine, you will damage the engine. Therefore, it is critical that you warm the engine before each ride.

●    Use the proper fuel.

This is a fairly self-evident recommendation, as it is still quite plain that you must use the proper fuel for dirt motorcycles, but I personally see a lot of people who do not use petrol for dirt bikes and instead use other forms of gasoline that are quite harmful to dirt bike engines. Thus, you will just need to use fuel for dirt bike engines. However, I strongly advise you to use the finest fuels available to extend the life of your engine.

●    Avoid Excessive Riding Breaks

The most common mistake many riders make is taking excessive riding breaks, which can damage the engine. This means you will need to ride your dirt bike at least once a week, and if you really want to take a break, I would recommend starting the engine without riding the bike, so you can heat and run the engine.

●    Be careful and smart.

A UTV is a costly vehicle, and it’s critical to recognise both the ride’s and your own limitations. If there is a steep incline that you are uncertain about riding, you would be wise to avoid it. Either your UTV will respect physics and roll over, or your inadequate riding abilities will result in a catastrophic accident. Accidents are frequently a combination of both, and you may have injuries, or your ride may sustain major damage. Repairs are costly, and even if you have enough motor insurance, you are irreplaceable.


When riding, take care of your vehicle and yourself. Protect yourself by wearing protective equipment such as a helmet and protective clothing. If you intend to venture out into the wilderness, bring an emergency kit. Whenever feasible, ride beside another four-wheeler. Additionally, avoid dangerous behaviour, particularly while riding alone. In other words, avoid riding erratically. The expense of repairs is not justified. Neither is an emergency room visit.

Therefore, learn how to ride your UTV or ATV safely and properly, as well as how to do routine maintenance on your ride to maintain it in peak shape. With proper care and maintenance, your vehicle can provide years of service and unforgettable journeys.

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
Sam heads up Cheshire-based PR Fire, an online platform that has already helped over 10,000 businesses to grab widespread media coverage on their news at an extremely accessible price point.

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