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5 Mental Health Benefits of Table Tennis

Several studies demonstrate that sports that require team activity can improve one’s mental health. This is proven with table tennis in particular, at least when played competitively! Table tennis is a team sport involving an array of multidimensional and multidimensional movements and has infinite health benefits. Along with improving your fitness and making you agile, table tennis can also make you mentally stronger and mentally healthier through the power of competition. This post highlights some of the significant mental health benefits of table tennis.

Serves As A Brain Training Exercise

Table tennis serves as a brain train exercise that can help your brain stay in shape and could ward off mental degeneration. Although table tennis can be a physical sport, it has also been proven to improve mental health and performance. Playing the sport boosts your mental strength just as exercising does your physical strength. A 2004 study published in the Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology revealed that table tennis players respond faster to events than non-athletes. It’s no coincidence that table tennis players are highly successful in academics and career paths. In addition, several independent studies state that Table tennis raises IQ by 10 points, raising the bar for students who play often. Because it is so fast-paced, the game of table tennis helps improve your concentration and ability to develop tactical skills.

Increases Mental Acuity

Table tennis benefits mental health because it requires players to think about how to place the ball and how to follow its movement once it is in play. Table tennis players develop visual acuity and mental sharpness by calculating the speed and spin of the ball, as well as its placement during rallies. Players need to judge the speed and spin of the ball quickly to be able to respond. After hours and hours of play, players develop faster decision-making skills that translate over other activities in life.

Stimulates Specific Parts of The Brain

Just like other sports, table tennis improves physical health. But what many people don’t realize is that it also benefits mental health. Playing table tennis stimulates several parts of the brain. Research shows that playing table tennis is an aerobic activity that improves brain function and memory. Table tennis players use the prefrontal cortex to plan their shots and anticipate their opponent’s play. Playing table tennis also improves your eye-hand coordination, which is at the core of how you interact with objects and people every day.

Helps Develop Mental Toughness

You can develop mental toughness through table tennis. In the sport of table tennis, there are lots of training programs that players can follow to improve their mental skills. A strong mind is an important tool for a table tennis player to have, and in turn, this develops mental toughness. Sports psychologists utilize several mental training programs to improve the performance of athletes in the sport. Take, for example, pre-performance routines that include warming up, self-talk sessions, and watching the personal video of how the player plays. Table tennis couches create this video to help the player improve his performance. The habit of watching the video can lessen the stress level and boost performance in the game. Table training psychology workshops include such training programs, which not only boosts the performance in matches but also boosts mental confidence. 

Helps Prevent and Treat Alzheimer 

Do you know table tennis is included as part of occupational therapy in caregiving facilities for dementia? Table tennis is a practical choice that encourages seniors to play and improve their eye/hand coordination. According to an MRI study conducted by the BAT Foundation (Bounce Alzheimer’s Therapy), table tennis is a useful tool for improving long-term memory and decreasing cognitive decline. The results revealed that the effects of table tennis on the brain are so profound that playing can reduce or even prevent such afflictions as Alzheimer’s and dementia. The associates from BAT foundation are working with the largest manufacturer of table tennis equipment, Butterfly, to develop dementia-friendly table tennis tables that are lighter and table tennis bats that have more tactile handles.

You know how you could easily improve your mental health by playing table tennis? It doesn’t matter if you play right-handed or left-handed if you’re a woman or man if you’re old or young. All that matters is that you want to improve. Table tennis brings you into a social and competitive environment. The physical and mental health benefits that come from this sport are bound to help you stay energized to keep yourself and your brain active and sharp at all times. If you still don’t believe me, try playing table tennis and notice what has changed in your mind and body after a few weeks and months of playing the sport.

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
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