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Bespoke Jewellery From the Expert Team at Bonds Jewellery

Bonds of Brentwood has been buying and selling many beautiful pieces of jewellery, as well as luxury Rolex watches, for the last five decades. In that time, the firm has built up a superb reputation from its shop in the heart of Brentwood, Essex, for reliability, honesty and fair pricing. In addition, some of its jewellery has set the pace among the fashionable set for its often forward-thinking design cues while still offering timeless elegance. 

However, Bonds of Brentwood is not just a high-end retailer of luxury jewellery. The firm is also a specialist in bespoke jewellery and this is something that is becoming increasingly popular both in Essex and across the rest of the UK. What is it about bespoke jewellery that makes it so special and why are more and more people turning to the experts at Bonds of Brentwood to produce it for them? Read on to find out.

Why Order Bespoke Jewellery in the First Place?

Before launching into why Bonds Jewellery would be a good place to order a one-of-a-kind piece of jewellery, it is probably worth considering for a second why bespoke jewellery is so preferred nowadays. Of course, there is absolutely nothing wrong with a standard design when it comes to jewellery. Some very fetching pieces are designed to be reproduced by jewellery makers and if you want something that is off the peg, then there is certainly nothing wrong with that decision.

Nevertheless, bespoke jewellery offers something that standard pieces cannot. In short, this is their unique quality. When you have anything made to bespoke specifications – from dining room furniture to works of art – they are never going to be fully replicated. Even if someone were to copy the basic design and concept of a piece of bespoke jewellery, the original will always be original and retain some of its unique qualities. It is why the Mona Lisa is one-of-a-kind even though the image has been photographed countless times. The same goes for any bespoke piece of jewellery.

By ordering something unique, you can also imprint your personality on the item. Just like an engraved ring or pendant, you will say something through the very design of the piece. Many people like bespoke items because they will be giving them as a token of love and, therefore, want something that is highly personalised. There again, others want a unique item that they’ve designed themselves simply because it says something about them as a person. Either way, bespoke jewellery is increasingly popular because it is quite simply individual.

What Makes Bonds’ Bespoke Jewellery a Cut Above?

Of course, there are plenty of jewellery makers around the country who can fashion bespoke items. However, the skill and craftsmanship on offer from Bonds of Brentwood put them into a league of their own when it comes to bespoke jewellery making. These days, the online service from Bonds means that their dedicated team of skilled professionals are not just working on items commissioned from the local inhabitants of Brentwood, but right across the country. Online design discussions and concepts can be sent back and forth until the right approach is found and then the craftsmen and women who will make the piece will get to work producing it.

There’s an in-house jewellery design team at Bonds which is something some jewellery makers simply don’t have. With the design and production sides of things under one roof, as it were, there’s some great joined-up thinking that goes on between the two teams. Often, there will be multiple ideas for customers to peruse from their initial ideas. Equally, the design put forward by a client may be very finalised in which case the production team will have their input. This might focus on what is technically possible for long-lasting and durable items given any particular design constraints, for example.

To put it simply, the bespoke jewellery making that goes on at Bonds is fully consultative. Customers are consequently more likely to be offered a design or designs that meet their tastes and preferences. Equally, what is produced won’t just be unique but beautifully crafted and within the scope of the agreed design concept.

Which Sorts of Jewellery Are Suited to Bespoke Designs?

It doesn’t matter what sort of jewellery customers are after these days. Every style and type of jewellery can be made to exacting standards by the team at Bonds of Brentwood. Rings are among the most popular, especially engagement and wedding rings. Since these will often be one of the most important jewellery commissions people will make in their lifetime – sometimes the only one – it is imperative that such purchases are full of attention to detail while saying something about the owner. Only a bespoke ring can really offer this degree of individuality.

Of course, it is for just the same reason that Bonds take so many commissions for eternity rings and diamond dress rings. However, it is not just rings that can be carefully handcrafted to a bespoke design by the skilled jewellery makers at Bonds. In addition, pendants, necklaces, brooches, bracelets and ankle bracelets are all frequently made to one-off designs by the team. Earrings are also popular for the bespoke, especially as wedding anniversary gifts or to mark a special birthday. 

In addition, Bonds takes commissions for multiple pieces which will conform to the same design aesthetic. Want to order a bespoke set of earrings and a matching pendant necklace for a loved one? If so, you should discuss your ideas with the design team at Bonds.

How Do You Go About Ordering Bespoke Jewellery From Bonds?

Popping into the store on Brentwood’s High Street is a good way to get the ball rolling with bespoke design ideas. However, this is not practical for everyone so Bonds of Brentwood has a contact form would-be clients can use on their website to start discussing jewellery concepts and pricing. Equally, the business can be contacted by phone to ask any specific questions. Bear in mind, too, that Bonds of Brentwood provides skilled jewellery repair work, something that fits alongside their high-quality bespoke jewellery making hand-in-glove.

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