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Best Amongst the Slingo Games Family

The modern gambling industry is pretty fascinating, you know? Sure, the main reason it’s fascinating is because of all the tantalizing games on offer these days, whether that be in traditional land-based casinos, or one of the thousands of online casino games at Star Slots.

But here’s the thing: only focussing on this can blind you to another aspect to the modern gambling industry – it’s fascinating ability to evolve and morph different things together. 

It seems as though there is quite literally nothing that the online gambling industry has not thought of, and the perfect example of its capacity for innovation is with the recent popularity surge of something called slingo. Now, slingo is essentially a combination between online slots and bingo, and it has become very popular recently. Keep reading for an overview of slingo, as well as the best slot amongst the slingo games family. 

Online bingo vs. online slots 

First things first, in order to really get to grips with the idea of slingo it is definitely worth considering the on-going battle between online bingo and online slots in the 21st century. You see, online bingo and online slots are two of the most played online gambling games in the world right now, and the competition between them is understandably fierce. 

They are totally different gambling experiences of course, with online slots being things that most people play on their own, whilst a lot of the fun about online bingo is to do with its social edge. All in all online slots are more successful, but that’s only because of the crazy number of different titles people can enjoy these days. 

What is Slingo? 

Right then, so what exactly is slingo? We mentioned earlier that it was essentially a fusion between slots and bingo, but a lot of people are bound to still be wondering what exactly this entails. Slingo games use the same basic reel configuration as normal slots, however instead of the normal slots symbols, gamblers instead find bingo numbers on the spinning grid. 

There is also a classic bingo scorecard that runs along the bottom of the screen in most instances, and slingo players will have to hope that the correct bingo numbers appear on the reels so they can cross everything off on their scorecard. Slingo – quite literally the baby of slots and bingo!   

Benefits of slingo games 

There are plenty of benefits of slingo games, hence why the market is growing so quckly. These include: 

·         Great for bingo players and slots fans.

·         Freshens up the traditional slots concept.

·         A way to play bingo on your own. 

What is the best slot amongst the slingo games family? 

And what is the best slot amongst the slingo games family? Well, it’s quite a tricky one to answer as there are so many, but here are a few of the top picks: 

·         Slingo Rainbow Riches

·         Slingo Fluffy Favourites

·         Slingo Ante Up

· Slingo Lucky Streak

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