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Best Ways To Study Class 11 Accountancy

Class 11th is somewhat challenging for Commerce students because they are studying very new concepts. In short, they are starting a subject from the scratch. This needs both hard work and smart work from the student’s side. 

The commerce student will have three main subjects generally for them, which are Accountancy, Business Studies, and Economics. In the three, most students find it difficult to follow Accountancy. The tips given below will help you study the subject in the best way possible and score great marks. 

  • A Quick Understanding of the Syllabus

It is suggested to read the syllabus first. This can make you anxious at first as the topics may be very new to you. But don’t worry, just go through them once. Now slowly try to understand them in a nutshell and what each of them means. Try to understand them by relating each one to daily-life situations. This can help you understand the concepts very easily. This quick read of the syllabus gives you an insight into what you are going to study. Now with the help of your teacher, a senior student, or previous year’s question papers, try to know the weightage of each chapter. The chapters with more weightage of marks should be marked as they will be more important in scoring you good marks.

  • Plan

As you have understood the syllabus and the weightage of each topic and chapter, try to plan a study timetable according to the syllabus. Try dividing each chapter into different topics and fix a particular time for studying those topics. Some important topics are Financial Statements, Depreciation, Single Entry Systems, Accounts from Incomplete Records, Bills of Exchange, and Rectification.

Give more time to the topics that you feel are hard to understand and have more weightage of marks. Divide time among the chapters and try to follow the plan as much as possible. If anything doesn’t turn out right to the plan, don’t worry you can always make a plan B. But try to stick to the first plan itself, as this will give you consistency.

  • Follow NCERT Textbooks Thoroughly

The NCERT textbooks are perfect and have every topic covered for you in the right manner. Follow the textbook thoroughly and make use of it to the maximum. Read and understand all the theory and concept portions as much as you can. Make yourself well versed with the textbook, this will help you be good at the subject. 

Practice all the questions given in the textbooks. Make yourself thorough with the different types of questions with practice. Studying the NCERT textbook will be a very good base as they are developed according to the syllabus.

  • Use Good Reference Books and Materials

There are many reference books available, choose the good ones. These books will give extra exposure to the subject and will provide you with many extra questions. Practice the questions given in these books. The more you practice the easier it becomes at the time of the final examination. 

Also, make use of the extra materials wisely. The extra materials will give a very bright insight into the subject. Both soft and hard copy materials are available. Choose the best materials like the DK Goel Solutions Class 11 Accountancy. These materials will help you become more perfect in the subject.

  • Understand rather than By-hearting

Everything may it be theory, concepts, or definitions must be understood properly. Simply by-hearting will not help us to make use of these concepts and theories while solving questions. Also if we forget any part of the definition we by-hearted there are chances of the whole definition getting messed up. Thus it is important to read and understand everything properly, writing down once will be extra help.

Make sure to study the Features, Advantages, and Disadvantages. These are important and frequently asked questions in exams. Therefore, understand everything with the extra points about the features, advantages, and disadvantages. 

  • Formulas and Calculations

The formulas should be by-hearted. But simply by-hearting it won’t work. It is important to study what it means and how it works in a calculation. Thus study formulas by practicing them with a calculation. Practice these formulas and calculations many times, because practice makes you perfect in the formulas and the method it is used.

Also, make sure you write and practice. By reading we won’t be able to remember things for a longer time. If any question comes up in a different manner your written practice can help you more. Especially calculations should always be practiced by writing down.

  • Formats

Formats are very important in Accountancy. The formats of journals, ledgers, balance sheets, etc. should be drawn and studied. With practice, you will become good at these formats and how they should be used. Thus draw and practice every format as you can lose marks with wrong formats.

  • Reading is important, but Writing makes you perfect

Yes, you read it right. Reading will make us acquainted with the topic but writing gives us mastery in the topic. Thus, write and practice everything down. While reading the textbook also make sure to underline and mark the important points. You can later write them down for quick reference.

It is suggested to write down a concept or formula and solve one question based on that particular topic or formula. These notes can help you in fast and easy revision.

  • Revise! Revise! Revise

Most students take revision very lightly, but revision is a very important process while studying. This matters not just for accountancy but for every subject and topic. Only with the proper revision, you can attend the exams with confidence. 

To make the process of revision easy make quick reference notes while studying. These are the notes that can be read quickly once and understood once. Do revision giving it as much importance as studying.

  • Practice Previous Year’s Question Papers.

Extra practice should be gained with the help of extra materials as well as previous year’s question papers. The previous year’s question papers will help you know the pattern of the question paper, the type of questions asked as well as marks for each question. Practicing these will help you be prepared. Also taking rehearsal exams just like the main exam with the correct time limit will help you manage your time well. 

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
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