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How to choose a commercial coffee machine?

Everyone who owns or wants to own a coffee shop knows, that a professional coffee machine is essential in such a place. This is probably the most important purchase that you need to make, if you want your coffee shop to achieve success in the future. So you have already created a business plan, found and rented (or bought) the perfect spot, came up with a catchy name of your place and even hired staff. What about the coffee machine? Which one is the best? What features are the most important and finally where can you buy the ideal coffee machine? There is even an option for coffee machine rental. If you are looking for answers to these questions, you can read our article and find out, which type and model will suit your needs.

Coffee machine type

First of all think about the type of your dream coffee machine. There are three main types: manual, semi-automatic and automatic. The manually controlled machine requires a little bit more work and passion. It is much more difficult to see such a machine today, because nowadays our world is automatized. If you like vintage vibes or you own an old manual coffee machine, you can restore it and reuse it. As long as it suits your character and the bigger amount of work doesn’t scare you, you should go for it and buy a manual type of machine.

A semi-automatic machine would be the best option, if you want to serve the best quality beverages to your future customers, also known as coffee lovers. You can verify your barista skills, while you are operating it. Basic skills and knowledge is necessary here – you need to know how to pull shots and froth the milk manually, without losing the quality. You don’t want to disappoint your clients, do you?

The last type, which is a super-automatic coffee machine, will be the most suitable option in a place, where there are many customers at once and each of them is in a rush. Those machines don’t make the best drinks, but it is much easier to train your staff how to properly use this kind of machine. It is also a great option, if you want to let your customers make their coffee on their own. The machine should match the idea of the place you want to create.

What kind of features are important too?

As it was written before, you need to choose the type of the machine first. Remember that the purchase of a coffee machine is a long-term investment, therefore you need to put the quality above all. Reliability and craftsmanship are important factors here. Think about the coffee machine as if it was the core of your business – you will not attract new customers, if the taste of your coffee will be bad. A robust machine and solid components are responsible for the success of your café or coffee shop. The replicability of the coffee defines the quality of any coffee machine. If you are able to serve the same, delicious coffee every time, it means that you bought a decent device. Coffee drinkers will either love or hate the flavor of the coffee you make, but it has to be constant.

Last, but not least – design. If you have created a themed place which refers to certain movie, series or anything else, you should match the design of your coffee machine (which is in the spotlight in any coffee shop). There are many options that you can consider. Nowadays the vintage style has returned and became king in many places like cafés, restaurants or coffee shops. Besides that you can usually see classic coffee machines in black, steel, or white, which always fit any interior. Sometimes a vibrant or unusual color can be an eyecatcher, so make sure that this is “the one and only” before you will make a decision.

Where can you buy a commercial coffee machine?

This question was asked not without reason. Choosing a trustworthy, authorized dealer is crucial, if you care about the best quality of devices and accessories you are going to use in the near future. Exemplary brands of coffee machines for sale that you may consider are famous Italian brands La Marzocco from sunny Florence, and Victoria Arduino. If you want to check out the most reliable models, visit this website:

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