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How to Decide Which Desk Is Right for You

Productive remote working begins with creating a space that promotes concentration and efficiency, and your office desk is at the heart of this setup. Here are some key considerations to help you make the right choice.

Where your desk will be positioned

First, review the room you will be working in and decide where to position your desk, along with other office essentials such as your chair, storage and technical equipment such as a printer. If you have enough space, then you may want to consider a corner desk to maximise the surface area available to you. Alternatively, if you need to work with a tighter spot, then there are mini desks which provide you with enough space to house a workstation and complete your daily tasks with ease.
Think also about the available light in the room. For example, you might prefer a slightly smaller option if you’re able to squeeze it next to a window, so your workspace is filled with natural light.

Choose a desk that promotes health

Office workers spend as many as 75% of their waking hours sat down, according to the Open Access Government, elevating the risk of numerous health conditions including back conditions, diabetes, depression, heart disease and even cancer. Adjustable height desks mitigate these risks by allowing you to seamlessly switch your desk from a seated to a standing position and back again as required. You will be in total control, so can easily adjust to your preferred setting based on your frame and body shape.

Maximise your storage potential

Even with the common use of cloud storage, many office workers still rely on paper manuals, files and general office stationery to support them with their tasks. To avoid your desktop becoming cluttered, you’ll need a desk that offers plenty of storage potential. You might want to choose a desk that comes with a storage unit beneath, or at the very least a single drawer option to house your pens and notebooks.
Some desks are also available with an inbuilt CPU holder, allowing you to mount your computer case off the floor to maximise your space.

Match your desk to your interior style

If you’re kitting out your home office, or even just a quiet corner of any other living space in your home, then naturally you’ll want a desk that matches your personal taste. Have a think about your finish preferences for the wood top, whether that be a white or pale Scandinavian-inspired shade such as Cascina pine, or perhaps a deeper tone such as Wenge or Sherman Oak. If you prefer a more industrial look, then raw steel desks will fit right in with the style of your home.
Once you’ve found a desk that matches your needs, don’t forget to check the availability and lead time. Some desks are available with next day delivery, so you won’t have to wait to create a functional workspace in your home office.

Claire James
Claire James
Claire is an accounts manager at Fire Digital UK, an online publishing and content marketing company based in the North West.

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