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How To Get The Best Travel Experience

Passionate Gamblers from around the world have something in common; they are always seeking out the best gambling experience for themselves. They understand that casinos are not just game houses, but a set up that play a crucial role in their vacation experience. As a result, you wouldn’t find them visiting just any casino. Instead, you will find keen gamblers dutifully searching out the best casinos in their vacation area, selecting the best before they move along to play. Some of them would rather play online with their favorite casinos like the ones in this list. That tells you something, gambling on vacation is an art.

Whether you see it or not, it’s not just about packing your bag for a trip; there are different sides to it that you must learn. This article guides you through the basics of gambling trips and the best casino bonuses in Ireland, and all you need to know about them.   

Look For The Best Deals

First things first, you should know, planning a gambling trip is not so difficult. It is almost the same thing as planning any other type of trip. But then, it requires a bit of planning so you can make the best out of it.

The first part of your planning should be to seek out the best deals. Now thanks to the internet, travel deals are easier to find than ever before. Unlike before, all you need now is a good internet connection and a well-written search on Google or Bing. If you also want to do it the old way, you can call the hotels and ask for their prices.

Whichever way you choose, do not jump on the first hotel that comes to your mind, the first show tickets you find, or the first flight that you see. Except if what you are planning is not a vacation, try to find as many deals as you can on the internet. Compare all the arrangements and see for yourself the one that allows you to cut some extra cash.

After setting the budget for your trip, as a rule, it is good to set a goal to spend only 80% of it. The remaining 20% will go for more games, dinners, and more exciting activities.  Here are a few tips to help you grab an excellent deal

  • Newspaper Travel Section

For many years, casinos in travel destinations have used newspapers to woo travelers. They believe their target audiences are those who read newspapers. So, you will always find gambling trip discounts in the travel section of most newspapers, notably the Los Angeles Times. As a plus, the articles are usually well written.

  • Make Your Hotel Bookings between Saturday and Thursday

This might sound odd, but it works. Hotel rooms are usually the cheapest on Sundays till Thursday nights, especially if you are going to places like Las Vegas. How come, you may ask?

You see, when it comes to hotel reservations, hotels are always trying to manage their revenue to make the highest profit. Therefore, pricing is usually based on demand and supply. 

To get the picture clearly, imagine there is a hotel with 100 rooms. That means the hotel has 365 days to earn revenue in 100 rooms. Assuming they do not have any guests on a particular day, they just lost one day out of 365 days, that is, 100 room nights of the total 36500 they have for the year.

Keep in mind that in business, every dollar counts. So, to make sure they do not have empty rooms, hotels usually drop their rooms’ prices when the demand is low. By having discounts on those days, they can woo people to get rooms.

However, when they have lots of rooms already booked, they can raise their prices to cover the discounts they already gave out. Let’s imagine the hotel now has 95 rooms booked. The management can decide to gamble with the remaining five by raising their prices. If people take them, more money; if they don’t, not much is lost.

During the weekend, casinos always have high occupancy rates, and so, they charge more per night compared to weekdays. The above is why a room might cost $40 on a Sunday, and the same room would cost $120 (three times more!) on Friday or Saturday.

Learn to play your Games before the trip

Most games at the casino are straightforward to play. In fact, learning to play them will only take a few minutes. But then, there is still a need to understand these games yourself before you embark on your trip.

The first step to understanding casino games is to know the options available to you. In most cases, the games are put into three categories, depending on how they are played. There are table games that are played on tables. You also have slot games that are played on machines. The final category requires you to predict a random number.

Table games include

  • Baccarat
  • Poker (Texas hold’em, Five-card draw, Omaha hold’em)
  • Blackjack
  • Roulette
  • Craps

Machine games include

  • Slot machines
  • Pachinko

Random number games include

  • Bingo
  • Keno

Remember, you will be playing these games offline, and so there won’t be game rules expressly written as you would have in online games. Also, these offline versions do not have free games; you’ll be paying real money the whole time. So, what do you do?

Read as many things as you can about playing the game on the internet. Also, try their online free play versions to understand what the games are about. You won’t win money while you won’t lose money, but you will gain a few things to help you with your trip. The few things you pick would help you avoid some mistakes that might cost you money when you finally hit the casino to play.

Finally, all casino games have a hidden clause called the house advantage. The house edge or house advantage is the long term advantage the casino has over players in all their games. What that means is, when you win at a game, you are only winning in the short term. In the long run, casino games have been designed, so the casino wins by a certain percentage from all players.

With a higher house edge, you have lesser wins from the casino game in the long run. However, there is usually a trade-off between your game’s simplicity and the game’s house edge. Simpler games like slots that require no strategies typically have higher house edges, usually 6% or more. More challenging games like blackjack with complex strategies generally have low house edges, like 0.5%.  

Keep a neat budget for gambling upfront.

Except you want to deceive yourself, losses are inevitable in casino games. So, before your trip starts, your planning should involve how much you are willing to lose to gambling during your trip. That would be your bankroll throughout the journey, and do not exceed this limit no matter what.

That’s an excellent place to start, but then you can go further by cutting that bankroll into smaller session bankrolls. That is, your budget for every gambling session you would have during your trip.

After that, you can now set win and loss limits for your games, which will be an exit plan of some sort for you at the casino. The idea here is, once you win or lose to a specific limit, you quit the game and game and go for something else.  

For instance, you can set a goal to win two single-number bets while not losing $200 stakes in roulette for one gaming session. That means, if you are paying $5 per bet, you have 40 gaming sessions, assuming you lose all. In roulette, the probability that you will hit the single number bets is 1 in 38. With 40 chances, you have a fair chance against the odds. If you win at least once, it will cover all your losses.

The idea here is, come up with your budget and a thoughtful plan that goes well with it.

It might not seem like a big deal to you, but then, it’s a decision that might save you from getting stranded during your trip. That’s because the design of casinos is such that they always want to collect money from you. The moment you enter through the door, you enter a new world of possibilities and adventure that doesn’t end until after you have lost all your money.

If you make some deviations from your plan in the worst-case scenario, the effects won’t be as hard as when you had none to start with.


Planning a casino trip is not a difficult thing. However, you must be ready to set some time for right thinking. Amongst other things, your budget remains the most important. Keep in mind that you will lose your money to gambling during your trip; however, you will lose your money unnecessarily without a good plan. Therefore, you need to make the best of your planning from your hotels to your games. 

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
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