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The INDIAN NATIONAL MATHEMATICAL OLYMPIAD (INMO) initially took place in 1989 and has been running since. Since then, this Olympiad has been held every year, with the majority of participants being high school students.

The Homi Bhabha Centre for Science Education is in charge of organising these competitions (HBCSE). Every year, on the third Sunday of January, this Olympiad is held in the leasta of 30 locations around the nation.

The Olympiads are established with the goal of assisting youngsters in their pursuit of national and international competition. Students improve their abilities as a result of participating in these Olympiads, which helps them prepare for a variety of competitive tests in the future.

The core test framework of the Mathematics Olympiad consists of the subjects: ALGEBRA, GEOMETRY, NUMBER THEORY, and GRAPH THEORY. The Mathematics Olympiad is held every two years in the United States.

Now let’s talk about how a student of class 6th can prepare for these Olympiads.

  1. The first and most important stage for pupils in sixth grade is to maintain their composure and concentration over the course of their preparations for the exam. It takes a lot of practise and consistency to succeed at mathematics. On a daily basis, the pupils should make certain that they adhere to their schedule.
  1. We know that the Mathematical Olympiad is held on the third Sunday of January every year, therefore students should begin their preparations at least two to three months before the competition. This is due to the fact that the sooner they begin, the more prepared they will be. Furthermore, the additional time will enable them to practise with sample papers.
  1. For pupils in sixth grade, finishing their own book will be the most effective approach to get started in the class. Students should ensure that they are thorough with their own curriculum and that they understand the fundamentals of each course before proceeding. Students from the Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE) or any other board are recommended to complete the MATHEMATICS NCERT BOOK OF CLASS 6TH initially.
  1. In addition to their own books, students are encouraged to tackle NCERT BOOKS from upper grades as part of their homework. If they are in class 9 or 10, they should be able to answer problems from the NCERT MATHEMATICS textbook. If students are unable to finish the higher-level textbooks, they are urged to at the very least understand all of the formulae included within those textbooks and to create a duplicate of their notes specifically for that purpose. As a result, when the students revise it at the end, all of the formulae will be in one convenient location. The pupils will find it to be quite handy.
  1. If time is limited and students are unable to complete a large number of books, such as the NCERT BOOKS for Classes 7th, 8th, 9th, and 10th, they are suggested to complete one book that is specialised in mathematics Olympiad. There is a list of the titles of those novels at the conclusion of this page, which you may read more about. The students should first complete the NCERT CLASS 6TH BOOK OF MATHEMATICS and only then should they begin reading any of the books listed below.
  1. After the completion of class 6th  NCERT book of mathematics; they can also practice IMO Sample Paper 2 with Answers For Class 6. learning all the formulas (class 6,7,8,9,10) and making a note copy for it. They should gradually start making mock or sample papers. The link for the sample papers of class 6th Mathematics Olympiad is also mentioned below at the end of this article. 
  1. Students should solve mock tests or the sample papers in silence and peace. They should solve it just as if they are giving their final Mathematics Olympiad. They should set the timer and sit down calmly and solve it. Keep the track on timing and also, keep on checking which section of Mathematics of yours is strong and which section needs attention. Students should start solving mocks at least 15 days-1 month before their Olympiad. So they can make their weaker sections strong.
  1. Now, one week before the Olympiad students should stop going through the books. They should now calm down and stop solving any more questions. The students should only revise all the formulas they have noted down in their copies, and all the mocks or questions they have solved in their copy. They should keep their book aside. LAST WEEK BEFORE EXAM: NO BOOK TOUCHING POLICY, ONLY NOTES COPY. 
  1. During the last week when you are going through your notes and formulas, Just believe that now you are fully prepared and you can solve every question that will come in front of you. During your last days, students are encouraged not to overdraw themselves. The students should either just revise what they have already done or do nothing. Don’t jump on any new thing. New things will only result in diverting your mind. 
  1. One night before the Olympiad stay calm and focused, don’t take any kind of stress and don’t open your book. The one last night before the Olympiad exam is considered one of the most crucial period throughout your preparation. This last night decides everything that is going to happen the next day. It is also advised to not go through any kind of study material one night before the exam, this is because you may exhaust yourself. And the very next day you will not be fresh enough to give your exams. One night before the Olympiad, just have a nice healthy meal, and sleep by 10-11 o’clock. Students must complete 8 hours of their sleep. Sleep is very much important for a student to keep their minds healthy and fresh as daisy. Next morning on the very final day, just check your bag, your instrument box and then go give your Olympiad exam. 


  1. Mathematics Olympiad For class 6, by Arihant.
  2. Olympiad prep-guide Mathematics for class 6 by MTG learning media.
  3. Mathematics Foundation course for class 6 by MTG learning media.
  4. Foundation Mathematics for class 6 by Disha publications.
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