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Maksym Blazhkun and LocalTrade University – a cryptocurrency education tour by a real professional

Many people give up the idea of investing because of a lack of knowledge, insecurity or even prejudice. But, in fact, investing is profitable, the main thing is to know how much and at what moment. You can learn the basis and effective strategies from professionals who are willing to share their knowledge. One of these professionals is Maksym Blazhkun, who together with LocalTrade University is presenting a new course to improve cryptocurrency investment literacy. Participants will get all the necessary knowledge to work with blockchain and cryptocurrency, plus they will additionally improve their financial literacy.

It is also worth mentioning that LocalTrade did not invite Maksym Blazhkun as a speaker for nothing. This man is not afraid of responsibility and has long established himself in the field of investing and finance. And further on we will take a closer look at Maksym’s merits and also tell you what the LocalTrade University course itself is all about.

Maksym Blazhkun and his path to success – how he became a world-class top manager

Maksym Blazhkyn was born in the Ukrainian city of Khmelnitsky in 1986. After graduating from high school, he studied at an international higher spiritual seminary. But even that was not the end of Maksym’s education – he also received an economic and legal education. This man was always distinguished by a desire to know more, so he worked on himself for many years, learned a lot and was always ready for new things. This approach made Maksym not just a professional, but a top speaker ready to help and share his knowledge with those who want to learn more about finance and management.

Maksym realized his first projects together with his wife Tatiana. The family is not the last place in Blazhkun’s life. Together they went through different periods of life, but still managed to get out of even the most difficult situations. Maksym also has two children – son Raymond and daughter Annamaria. And the caring father has repeatedly proved that he will do anything for the well-being of his loved ones. Maksym has also repeatedly shown himself to be a reliable friend.

By today Maksym has already visited 119 countries. He speaks 8 languages, which not only helps him to conduct business, but also to discover new horizons – to learn about culture, social aspects, and politics wherever he had to stay. This made it possible to create unique projects in the future, which will suit everyone regardless of where they live. People anywhere in the world will be able to improve their level of financial literacy, and learn how to make big money with investments in cryptocurrency and blockchain. Maksym Blazhkun firmly believes that he can not only make history, but also make life better for many people anywhere on the planet.

Everything Maksym Blazhkun did was successful. He made the most of everything he did. This man can be rightly called not only very educated and experienced, but also intelligent. Maksym Blazhkun’s IQ test shows 169 points. Therefore neither his partners, nor his relatives, nor his students ever doubted that his decisions, knowledge and tactics were among the best.

What projects has Maksym Blazhkun been involved in?

Maksym Blazhkun was involved in many projects, in which he invested not only his own money and effort, but also his ideas. Most of them were successful, but Blazhkun is not afraid of failure either. He repeatedly said that even a failure is a reason to move forward. For one failure there should be ten more successful ones – this is what the top manager said in one of his interviews. If we analyze Maksym’s activities, most often he worked in the following areas:

  •     cryptocurrency and blockchain;
  •      finance;
  •     construction;
  •    IT technology.

Maksym Blazhkun also invested in projects related to construction, agriculture, and tourism. It is not just a desire to try everything – it is a desire to share and implement his ideas, to make the most of them. Today, most of Maksym’s projects are related specifically to cryptocurrency and blockchain. He is convinced that in a couple of years – cryptocurrency will become one of the main financial instruments in the market. All of Maksym’s work is aimed at making crypto generally available. Even a network of bankers is being developed, which will make it possible to make transactions anywhere in the world.

Maksym Blazhkun was also accepted into the top management of the cryptocurrency exchange LocalTrade. They jointly develop projects that aim to promote fiat solutions for crypto wallets. Based on all this, Maksym is engaged in consulting on integration of crypto-technologies, development of payment systems and promotion of ideas of active use of cryptocurrency in financial transactions. You can turn to this person for advice on registration, licensing and payment systems.

But apart from that, Blazhkun is sometimes involved in other projects as well. He invests in construction projects, for example. After the development of the business, the top manager simply receives a percentage of the profits. Moreover, Maksym Blazhkun is a world-renowned professional who has proven himself in many projects. Many companies invite him as a top manager and business consultant.

Maksym Blazhkun is also engaged in educational projects. He is ready to share his knowledge, experience and effective business tactics. That is why he has repeatedly participated in various trainings and conferences.

It is also worth telling about other awards and achievements on Maksym’s account:

·        Received a state award in 2012 for his contribution to the country’s economy;

·        He has participated several times in papal audiences;

·        participated in forums with Bodo Schofer and Richard Brandson.

All of the above again emphasizes the success of Maksym Volodymyrovych and how much his contribution to the development of business and finance is valued. Not to mention that this man’s reputation remains impeccable. Blazhkun is trusted by many businessmen around the world.

Now let’s tell more about Maksym Blazhkun’s course and the creation of LocalTrade University platform

The cooperation between LocalTrade and Maksym led to the idea of an educational course on working with crypto-assets. Participants will receive a number of master classes that will allow them to successfully apply their knowledge in the future – to use cryptocurrency in financial transactions, to earn on investments, to be more competent in the issue of payment systems and much more. The course will tell you how to use the tools of the exchange and get the maximum profit. The main goal of the course is to increase participants’ financial literacy and give them more knowledge.

Naturally, one of the key participants in this project will be Maksym Blazhkun. He will act as a development director, as well as coordinating and advising.

You can take part in the tour from November 1, 2021. First it will start in Latin America, in the city of Recife. Then it will take it to cities such as Maceio, Aracaju, El Salvador, Belo Horizonte, Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Balnearico Camborio, Colombia, and Mexico. The tour ends in Latin America on December 16, 2021.

But, that’s not all. The course will restart in 2022 in the following countries:

·        Dominican Republic;

·        Ecuador;

·        Bolivia;

·        Peru;

·        Argentina.

Such a wide geography will allow us to give the maximum knowledge to a huge number of people. In the future there will be only more countries where the course will take place. The final part of the project will become LocalTrade University a world-class educational platform, where it will be possible to get knowledge in the field of blockchain, finance, cryptocurrency and investing. The list of topics will be constantly expanding, and the project’s opportunities will become even greater.

What does the LocalTrade University course include?

The course program is designed to attract a large audience. Participants can be beginners, professional traders, or experts in other financial areas. The following materials are already in the public domain for participants:

·        How LocalTrade works – basics, tips for use.

·        Block of articles on blockchain and cryptocurrencies – history, detailed analysis of technologies.

·        Fundamentals of trading – basic knowledge, strategies.

Topics will be supplemented, new blocks will appear. Educational materials are being developed, so participants will get maximum. All analytics, theory and practice will be up-to-date. The acquired knowledge will not become obsolete. Also, in the future the following course improvements are planned:

1.     The interface of the platform will be constantly improved – users will be able to choose tasks and information by level of difficulty. So, training will be more systematic and effective.

2.     A special “invited expert” section will be created. Specialists will be involved, who will be able to share their experience with students.

3.     Development of a special social network for traders. There they will share news, experience and information. The social network will allow thousands of people interested in cryptocurrency and blockchain to contact each other.

LocalTrade University is a global initiative. It is designed to deal with illiteracy in finance and cryptocurrency, and will provide a starting point for many future traders. After the tour in Latin America is completed, the team plans to launch the project in other continents as well.

To sum up, it is worth noting how innovative LocalTrade University is for society. And Maksym Blazhkun’s participation only proves how effective and interesting the course will be for everyone. That’s why our editorial board recommends taking part in a course from LocalTrade on occasion.

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
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