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Mobile App Development Tips, Tricks, and Tools

Both Play Store and App Store have lots of apps for users. In most cases, users do not like to stick to a single app for several years unless it gives them the desired value. The app market is highly competitive. Without professional app developers, you cannot make your app successful. The best developers know the tips and tricks to distinguish your app in the market.

Learn about the latest trends

Trends are never stable, and thus, mobile app builders look for the latest ones to create the app. Nowadays, Unity Game Development, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and Artificial Intelligence are the major trends and technologies for app development. 

Ensure code reusability

The popular operating systems have some similarities. However, while developing a mobile app for multiple platforms, there is no need to have different programming skills.  Nowadays, app development professionals use Appcelerator to rely on a single codebase.

Appcelerator helps in reusing 60 to 90% of the codes for app development. 100% reuse of codes enables developers to have a better control over the app’s interface.

Check the UI guidelines for every platform

As you have identified your target platforms, you must know their UI guidelines. Find more information about the platforms. You will be able to design the perfect interface and attract several users to your app.

Learn the way of using the challenging modules

Some mobile app developers are concerned about using modules, as they do not understand the way of dealing with them. The use of the right modules ensures better a user experience and better app quality.

By using Appcelerator Titanium, developers can build mobile apps from a particular JavaScript codebase. However, as it does not reveal every feature, Java and Objective-C developers try to rely on the Native Module Development Framework.

Think of both aesthetics and functionalities of the mobile app

Building an attractive app is highly important. However, what does beauty denote in the app development industry?

A beautiful iOS app may not be preferable to Android users. Thus, mobile application developers need to ensure app aesthetics, which are perfect for both iOS and Android users.

Moreover, the app must be responsive, intuitive, user-friendly, and easily navigable. Make sure that users do not face a hassle while searching for information. The gorgeous design should not be confusing for your users.

Break the large market into smaller segments

You may like to make your app globally acceptable. But, your first step is to target the smaller markets and win several users. It is one of the best ways to make your app noticeable in the bigger markets.

Add a sharing option to your app

Your app will grab the attention of some users. However, to increase the size of your user base, you have to let them share the mobile app with others. Thus, insert a sharing button and increase the reach of your audience. It will be easy for you to connect with more users.

Choose the right icon

Visual components play an important role in increasing the number of downloads of your app. A mobile app icon can impress users, as it is easily viewable to them. Design an attractive icon for your mobile application, and you will find how it influences users.

Automated tests and QA

During the coding process, you do not need to engage your QA team. But, after every module of coding, you can test the code quality. Moreover, module testing will save time and you may easily identify loopholes. Optimize the code and review it after achieving every goal.

You can create a checklist for code testing to know the effectiveness of features. Certified developers use automated Testing tools for reducing the app development time. Appium Studio, Testing Bot, and some other tools are best for automatic tests.

Apply the best strategy for monetization

You can start with the freemium model of your app. When your app has gained popularity, you can add some premium features to the app. Talk about your app in the forum and social media to make your monetization successful.

Other tools used for mobile app development projects

React Native– Several app developers use the open-source framework for iOS and Android app development solutions. React is a JS library best for creating UI.

Xamarin– Xamarin is a popular open-source framework, and developers use it to create cross-platform mobile applications. Xamarin relies on C# as the single language to build both iOS and Android apps. Xamarin has streamlined the app development process. Developers build mobile applications in Visual Studio with Xamarin.

Sencha– Sencha is useful for building apps for tabs, desktops, and mobiles. It provides high-tech tools to ensure end-to-end app development solutions.

You can now look for the best mobile app builders to apply the most effective development tips.

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